Sustainability and
Community Investments

We focus on our direct impact on natural resources including energy, water and climate that results from our own operations and on the impact we have through our business activities. As we raise awareness by way of community investments and collaborations, we contribute to the socioeconomic development of the society.

Total annual scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions (tCO2e) 18.643 18.981 check_circle
GHG emissions intensity in the reporting period (tCO2e/Total Assets) 22 14,6 check_circle
Total annual waste quantity 248 ton 215 ton check_circle
% change by base year in GHG emissions intensity 96 97 check_circle
Total annual scope 3 GHG emissions (tCO2e) 61 411 check_circle
Total annual emissions avoided through financed renewable energy projects 8.48 mtCO2e 14.05 mtCO2e check_circle
Total annual energy consumption(MWh) 156.800 161.320 check_circle
Total annual water consumption (1,000 m3) 186 233 check_circle
Market share of wind power plants (WPP) by installed power financed by the Bank 26,5% 25,3% check_circle
Share of renewable energy projects in new energy production portfolio (in new project finance commitments) 100% 100% check_circle
Number of projects subjected to Environmental and Social Impact Assessment System (cumulative) 85 88  check_circle
Site visits to customers regarding environmental and social issues 4 36 check_circle
Customers and financial institutions informed about environmental and social issues 18 15  
Number of SDGs contributed through effective management of sustainability risks 16 17  
Number of sustainable products/loans 50 55  
Contribution to Sustainable Development (billion TL, cumulative) 60 88 check_circle
Participation in sustainability related initiatives and memberships 29 29
Number of contributed working groups on sustainability 48 52
Number of sustainability indices in which Garanti BBVA is included 10 11
Number of Policies/Position Papers Garanti BBVA contributed 15 16
Environmental and Social workshops and conferences 8 19
Topics addressed/discussed in workshops and conferences 25 26
Number of focus areas for community investment programs 4 4
Contribution in community investment programs (TL million)* 43.6 71.7 check_circle
SME initiatives (including applications and events) 8 6
Women Entrepreneurs encouraged to apply to Woman Entrepreneur Awards (cumulative) 41.6 thousand 43.1 thousand
Women who participated in woman entrepreneurship events and whom Garanti BBVA helped raise increased awareness (cumulative) 10,435 11,235
Total Sustainability Funds utilized from IFIs (USD million) 1,722 1,370

* As of 2022, in line with the BBVA Group, administrative expenses have been included in the scope of investment in social programs.


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