Garanti BBVA Climate Index

Garanti BBVA, which has undertaken pioneering practices with the aim of combating climate change and a sustainable world, announced the Garanti BBVA Climate Index with the gong ceremony held at Borsa Istanbul on July 14, 2021, in cooperation with CDP Turkey, which is managed by Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum, and Borsa Istanbul.

With this index, Garanti BBVA aims to develop the sustainable finance market and encourage companies to increase their transparency regarding climate risks and opportunities; It has created a reliable index whose calculation method, selection criteria and other rules were determined under the consultancy of Borsa Istanbul, which can form the basis for sustainability and climate finance in Turkey and whose methodology is accepted worldwide. The calculation of the index, in which the companies to be included in the scope are determined using CDP data, ensuring its continuity and the publication of the index data through data distribution organizations are carried out by Borsa Istanbul.

The investment world of the index consists of companies traded on Borsa Istanbul with the most current score of B- and above in CDP Climate Change reporting. The weight of the stocks included in the index, which will be updated once a year, is determined according to the market value of the shares in actual circulation, and the liquidity rule is also applied in the stock selection process. Stocks with an average daily transaction volume of at least 10 million TL or more in the last 6 months are included in the index. The number of companies included in the index in 2023 reached 52.

With the Garanti Portföy Garanti BBVA Climate Index Stock Fund, which was launched in January 2023, based on the companies in the index, in addition to increasing investments in companies with high climate performance, the annual management fee of the fund is transferred to the ÇEKÜL Foundation (Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of Environmental and Cultural Values). With this resource, contribution is made to the natural and cultural heritage trainings carried out by ÇEKÜL Knowledge Tree Education Unit for students.