Environment, Social and Governance

Sustainability in Garanti BBVA - Sustainable Products

The BBVA Group has committed to provide EUR 300 billion in financing to combat climate change and support sustainable development by 2025.

Sustainability Strategy & Supported Initiatives

Garanti BBVA puts responsible and sustainable development in its focus and develops innovative practices to respond to its stakeholders’ expectations.

Material Matters & Performance

Material issues are mainly determined based on stakeholder dialogue and are plotted in the materiality matrix. We performed our first materiality analysis in 2013. As we want to make sure that we are always in line with the needs of our stakeholders and that the identified material issues are still the most important, we perform an update of our materiality analysis approximately once in every two years.

Corporate Governance Rating Report

Our Bank has signed an agreement with JCR Eurasia Rating, which is an authorized rating agency operating under the license of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (“CMB”) in accordance with the Corporate Governance Principles issued by the CMB, on 14.07.2022 for a period of one year. As a result of JCR Eurasia Rating’s assessment for 2022, our Bank’s Corporate Governance compliance score has been increased to 9.81 from 9.79 (over 10) and the outlook has remained as Positive.

Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Report

Türkiye Garanti Bankası A.Ş. (“Garanti BBVA ” or “the Bank”) complies with the corporate governance principles set out by the banking legislation, capital market legislation as well as the Turkish Commercial Code and other applicable legislation. Garanti BBVA pays the utmost attention to implement these principles.