Our Goals and Values


Garanti BBVA shapes its business model within the frame of its purpose to “bring the age of opportunity to everyone”

Placing the “Values” at the heart of its corporate culture that defined with the involvement of its employees in 2017, Garanti BBVA is guided by these values in all its practices and actions.

The Values is composed of three main values and each of the value is comprised of three behaviors, reflecting the Bank’s business conduct models. For instance, the notion “This is our bank” is reflected in the maximum performance attained by all employees as they carry out their jobs devotedly and enforce this value in their attitudes towards all stakeholders that they touch; all employees know what that means.

Employee career and development model measures the extent to which these values are enforced by the employees through performance assessments; specific educational and developmental tools are made available as part of the development plan resulting from these measurements, which also aim to ensure continued development throughout the year. In addition, adherence to values is addressed in a dedicated category in the reward program.

On the occasion celebrated as the Values Day on the same date in all countries to re-familiarize with, assimilate and live the values, employees redefine organizational strengths, improvement areas of leadership, and the future of teamwork, in addition to taking part in entertaining activities.

Values Day is celebrated simultaneously in all countries in the BBVA Group in order to increase awareness and contribute to the integration of values to their business life. During the Values Day, besides entertaining activities, employees redefine the strengths of the institution, the development areas of its leaders, and the future of teamwork in the light of these values.