Information Systems Continuity Committee

Type of Committee: Main Committees

Subcommittee Type: Orientation / Coordination

Committee's Aim / Responsibilities: Information Systems Continuity Committee is charged with declaring a crisis situation taking into account all the factors related to events that cause disruption in the information systems; deciding on the implementation of the information systems continuity plan and coordinating other rescue, continuity, and response teams.

The Committee’s responsibilities are;

  • Ensuring the institutional management of the crisis,
  • Deciding on the implementation of the information systems continuity plan,
  • Taking the necessary decisions in order to manage the actions within the scope of the information systems continuity plan at a high level,
  • Coordinating the actions taken by the rescue, continuity and response teams in order to realize the decisions taken,
  • Providing information flow about rescue efforts to the Corporate Crisis and Business Continuity Committee,
  • Dealing with legal issues arising from the emergency situation, ensuring communication with all relevant stakeholders and the press,
  • Participating in information systems continuity plan information, tests and rehearsals.

Committee History: Established on September 2020.

Meeting Frequency: The Committee meets as and when necessitated by the current agenda; intended to meet twice a year.

Number of Meetings (2022): 1

Committee Members 

Committee Members Committee Members' Titles Responsibilities
İlker Kuruöz Engineering & Data EVP President
Aydın Düren Board Member / Responsible for Legal Services Member
Tuba Köseoğlu Okçu Talent & Culture EVP Member
Çağrı Süzer GOSAS_Payment Systems Responsible CEO / Payment Systems & Partnership and Client Solutions EVP Member
Feridun Aktaş TC - Corporate Security Unit Manager Coordinator
Emre Kunt TC - Service Resilience and Continuity Unit Manager Coordinator
Şahin Dalbudak TC - Banking Applications Unit Manager Member
Fatih Bektaşoğlu TC - Digital Bank., Customer Exp., Architecture Unit Manager Member
Kutluhan Apaydın TC - CFE & Financial Companies Unit Manager Member
Mustafa Şen TC - Markets, CIB & Payment Systems Unit Manager Member
Şebnem İpekci TC - Strategy & Control Unit Manager Member
Ali Özgür Tüzemen TC - Data & Advanced Analytic Unit Manager Member
İlke Badraslı Temel Talent & Culture Front Director Member
Öznur Metiner Talent & Culture Business Execution Director Member
Elif Güvenen Corporate Brand Mgmt. & Marketing Comm. Director Member
Tolga Haliler Organization & Process Development Director Member
Denel Şehriban Kırali Legal Advisory Services - Legal Counsel Member
Özgür Özkan Customer Experience & Satisfaction Director Member
Emre Özbek Compliance Director Member
Hatice Meriç TC - Business Continuity Manager Member / Secretary
Selen Kuruten TC - Application Services Res. Mgmt Unit Manager* Participant Member
Burak Erkek Internal Audit Partner* Participant Member
Ümit Malkoç TC - Security Operations Unit Manager* Participant Member
Tuna Özken TC - Infrastructure & Communication Unit Manager Coordinator
Cihan Subaşı Corporate Information Security Responsible* Participant Member
Adem Arslan TC-Cloud Middleware and Platform Tech. Unit Manager* Participant Member
İlker Sayar TC- Cloud Computing and Data Storage Technologies Unit Manager* Participant Member
Ercan Kepekçi TC-Network Technologies Unit Manager* Participant Member
İbrahim Parlak TC- Cloud Data Platform Technologies Unit Manager* Participant Member
Korcan Demircioğlu TC - Customer Security and Transaction Risk Management Unit Manager* Participant Member
Mert Kırdök TC - Digital Workplace and Communication Unit Manager* Participant Member
Mustafa Sakin TC - Architecture & Tech. Platforms Unit Manager Member
Özge Çağlar TC - Digital Banking and Customer Experience Unit Manager Member
Selen Memik Yılmaz TC -Identity and Access Technologies Unit Manager* Participant Member
Özgür Seyrek TC-IT Control and Cont. Monitoring Unit Manager* Participant Member

(*) Other committee participants. They are not standing committee members.