Credit Committee

In accordance with the Banking Law, the Board of Directors of Garanti Bank has delegated a certain amount of its loan allocation authority to the Credit Committee. The Credit Committee holds weekly meetings to review appropriate loan proposals from among those sent by the branches to the Head Office but exceed the loan authorization limit of the latter. The Credit Committee reviews these loan proposals and decides on those that are within its authorization limits. The Committee then submits the remaining proposals that are outside of its authorized limits, but it deems appropriate, to the Board of Directors for finalization.

Meeting Frequency: The Committee meets regularly once in two weeks.
Number of Meetings in 2020: 21 


Committee Members 

Committee Members Committee Members' Titles
Jaime Saenz de Tejada Pulido  Board Member
Pablo Alfonso Pastor Muñoz Board Member
Jorge Saenz Azcunaga Carranza Vice Chairman of the Board / Board Independent Member
Rafael Salinas Martinez Board Member