Operational Risk Admission and Product Governance Committee

Type of Committee: Main Committees

Subcommittee Type: Orientation / Coordination

Committee's Aim / Responsibilities: The Committee, aims to identify, analyze and evaluate the operational risks associated initiatives related with new business, products or services, outsourcing, process transformation and new systems ), prior to it is launch. The Committee will give an opinion about the feasibility of the initiatives before they are materialized, as well as on their following-up. The Committee will evaluate the inherent operational risks, indicating the required controls and mitigations needed to ensure that the residual risks are within the established operational risk appetite.

The Committee's responsibilities are;

  • Analyze and decide on new business, product and service offers,
  • Analyze the viability of outsourcing offers and decide on outsourcing offers,
  • Analyze and decide on feasibility of other offers including technological and process reengineering and vendor assessment,
  • Decides the insurance framework of operational risks arising from initiatives, reviews, analyzes and approves insurance policy structures,
  • To conduct an ongoing review of each new product at least 12-month period following implementation to ensure that it has been carried out properly (in this context, the Committee shall revoke approval of a previously approved Product, or an existing product or service, or block the implementation of a Product or continued use of a Product),
  • To summarize and inform on its actions and deliberations, as appropriate, to members of senior management, managers within affected business lines, Board Risk Committee and to the respective bodies of each affected Garanti entity,
  • To monitor the policies, procedures, regulations and similar documents under its responsibility with respect to necessary updates, and taking action to keep them up-to-date.

Committee History: Established on November 2016. In April 2021, the roles and responsibilities of the Committee were transferred from the Internal Capital and Operational Risk Department to the Internal Control Department.

Meeting Frequency: The Committee meets at least once a month to fulfill its duties. If there is no agenda, the meeting may not be held or more frequent meetings may be held when necessary.

Number of Meetings (2022): 6 (as of October 2022)

Committee Members 

Committee Members Committee Members' Titles Responsibilities
Murat Atay Chief Credit Risk Officer President
Aydın Düren Independent Board Member Member
Aydın Güler Finance & Treasury EVP Member
İlker Kuruöz Engineering & Data EVP Member
Tuba Köseoğlu Okçu Talent & Culture EVP Member
Özlem Ernart Head of Risk Management Member
Barış Gülcan Internal Control Director Member
Emre Özbek Compliance Director Member
Beyza Yapıcı Internal Capital and Operational Risk Director Member
Osman B. Turgut Director of Internal Audit * Member
Işık İlhan Insurance and Pension Coordination Director Member

(*) Participates in the meetings of the Committee as an observer and does not have the right to vote.