Garanti BBVA has two outstanding syndicated loans;

  • Our bank has signed a syndicated loan agreement with 367-days maturity in the amount of US$ 405,000,000 and € 648,500,000 along with a 2 year 1 day maturity in the amount of US$ 180,000,000 comprising of three separate tranches. The loan which will be used for trade finance and general corporate purposes has been executed with commitments received from 38 banks from 18 countries. The all-in cost has been realized as Libor+1.35%, Euribor+1.25% and Libor+2.20%  respectively.

  • USD 1.3 billion equivalent syndicated loan comprising of two separate tranches in the amount of € 939,500,000 and US$ 266,550,000 with a maturity of 367-days is rolled over. The all-in cost has been realized as Euribor+0.75% and Libor+0.75%, which represent Garanti BBVA’s continued strong performance as well as solid banking relationships with commitments received from 39 banks from 16 countries.

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