Remuneration Committee

'The Remuneration Committee is responsible for:

  • Conducting the oversight and supervision process required to ensure that the Bank’s remuneration policy and practices comply with applicable laws and regulations and risk management principles,
  • Reviewing, at least once a year, the Bank’s remuneration policy in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations in Turkey, as well as with market practices, and updating the Policy, if necessary,
  • Presenting, at least once a calendar year, a report including the findings and proposed action plans to the Board of Directors,
  • Determining and approving salary packages for executive and non executive members of the Board of Directors, the CEO and Executive Vice Presidents,
  • Monitoring the policies, procedures, regulations and similar documents under its responsibility with respect to necessary updates, and taking action to keep them up-to-date.

Meeting Frequency: The Committee meets at least once a year.
Number of Meetings in 2020: 9

Committee Members 

Committee Members Committee Members' Titles
Sait Ergun Özen Board Member
Jorge Saenz Azcunaga Carranza Vice Chairman of the Board / Board Independent Member