Sustainable Finance Products

Corporate/Retail Loans and Products

Building Insulation Loans: Building Insulation Loan was created to support efficient energy use in buildings and to improve insulation investments. Customers can get building insulation loans with easy, fast and advantageous interest rates with shopping loans within 5 minutes.

Corporate Roof SPS Loan: With the Solar Energy Loan, customers can benefit from favorable conditions and a grace period of up to 2 years in financing unlicensed electricity generation projects from solar energy. By generating their own electricity, corporate entities reduce their costs and support the widespread use of environmentally friendly resources. Unlicensed electricity generation projects are also supported by the state through legal regulations; there is a purchase guarantee for the excess electricity generated and not used by the relevant responsible supply company at the tariff determined for 10 years.

Retail Rooftop SPS Investment Loan:  For customers who wish to utilize solar energy in their buildings, Retail Rooftop Solar Energy System (SPS) shopping loan, the first of its kind in Türkiye, is offered to our customers.

Green Mortgage Loan: Green Mortgage Loan was offered to our customers in 2017 to encourage living in green and environmentally friendly buildings that hold relevant national or international certificates or whose energy efficiency level is proven by an energy certificate.

Urban Transformation Loan: Urban transformation loan is a type of loan offered for the owners and tenants living in houses located in risky areas within the scope of the relevant law. In order to be eligible for an urban transformation loan, the dwelling must be located within the definition of "Risky Area" or "Risky Building" and this situation must be determined through technical documents. Within the scope of creating and supporting sustainable cities, the Urban Transformation Loan can be evaluated within the scope of sustainability in line with the compliance of the criteria.

Environmentally-Friendly Auto Loan:  Introduced to consumers in May 2017 for the financing of hybrid and electric cars that provide fuel efficiency and stand out with their environmental features. There are no upfront commissions nor is the customer obligated to contract additional products.

Electric Bicycle Special Shopping Loan: With the Electric Bicycle Special Shopping Loan provided to support the theme of green transportation, customers can quickly use loans with advantageous interest rates.

Electric Charging Station Loan: Customers who want to establish an e-charging station to create smart, reliable and emission-free mobility can easily use shopping credits. The financing facility, which paves the way for the establishment of the infrastructure required for electric vehicles, offers customers special price and maturity options.

Green Leasing: Within the scope of the loan, interest-advantaged loans are offered for leasing transactions related to sustainability (energy efficient equipment, etc.).

Agricultural Loans (Organic Agriculture, Irrigation Loans, No-Till Farming, Digital Agriculture, Agricultural SPS Loans): In order to support sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, more efficient water consumption, no-till farming, energy efficiency in agriculture (e.g. Agriculture SPS) projects are supported with low interest rate advantages.

Sustainability Themed Loan Package: As part of the Sustainability Themed Loan Package developed by Garanti BBVA to facilitate the efforts of customers who want to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, Garanti BBVA customers who want to reduce their carbon emissions will be able to benefit from the Bank's experience and network as well as an interest-advantaged loan package. Within the scope of the loan package, the Bank also collaborated with the Turkish Standards Institute and will support its customers in capacity development. Garanti BBVA customers will be informed about greenhouse gas management while reducing carbon emissions.

Women Entrepreneur Loans: Since 2006, Garanti BBVA has relentlessly supported active participation of women in employment and economic life, with the understanding that an inclusive economy where all individuals make use of opportunities equally will grow faster and more efficiently. The Bank’s efforts in empowering women entrepreneurs are categorized under four headings: “providing finance”, “encouraging”, “training” and “accessing new markets”.

Mutual Funds/Products and Pension Funds

Sustainable investment funds:  4 mutual funds public offering under sustainability theme took place under Garanti BBVA Asset Management in 2021. These were; Garanti AM Clean Energy Variable Fund (GZH), Garanti AM ESG Sustainability Fund of Funds (GZV), Garanti BBVA Climate Index Equity (GIE), and Garanti AM Sustainability Equity Fund (GZR).

Sustainable Pension’s Sustainability Fund: Garanti Pension customers can now invest their savings by buying stocks of companies in the BIST Sustainability Index that demonstrate sensitivity to issues such as global warming, natural resources, health, safety and employment.

Green IPO: In 2021, Türkiye's first green IPO was realized under the leadership of Garanti BBVA. In addition to the sustainability rating audit received from an international rating agency for the IPO process, environmental and social commitments were added to the prospectus submitted to the SPK.

Corporate Loans and Debt Instruments

Sustainable Loans: These are loans that support investments and operations directly related to green or social sustainability. Their implementation and reporting comply with international standards such as Green Loan Principles and Social Loan Principles.

Sustainability-Linked Loans: These are loans where environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are defined for companies, and the higher the company's performance in these criteria, the more interest rate reduction it is entitled to; and the lower the company's performance in these criteria, the more interest rate increase is applied. The implementation and reporting of these loans are in accordance with the international standards of Sustainability-Linked Loan Principles.

Gender Equality Loan: Garanti BBVA continues to support the business world in contributing to gender equality with the Gender Equality Loan product, which was launched in 2019 as a first in the world. The loan structure sets targets for customers based on their gender equality efforts. The Gender Equality Loan is a sustainability-linked loan product whose criteria are entirely based on gender equality issues.

Sustainable Bonds: These are bond issues in which the intended use of bond proceeds will directly support investments and operations related to green or social sustainability. These are debt instruments issued in accordance with the Capital Markets Board of Turkiye's Green Debt Instrument, Sustainable Debt Instrument, Green Lease Certificate and Sustainable Lease Certificate Guidelines. The issuances are carried out in line with the Green Bond Principles, Social Bond Principles and Sustainability Linked Bond Principles standards established by the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA).

Corporate Green Vehicle Loan: Within the scope of this product, Garanti BBVA offers this product to all corporate companies, fleet leasing and vehicle financing companies in order to popularize the use of environmentally friendly vehicles. Thanks to the Corporate Green Vehicle Loan, a first of its kind in Türkiye, Garanti BBVA aims to contribute to the future of the world by encouraging companies to switch to more efficient hybrid and electric vehicles with low interest rate advantages, while encouraging the renewal of fleets with environmentally friendly vehicles.

Sustainable Supply Chain Finance: Garanti BBVA aims to increase the sustainability awareness of suppliers in this field by offering a sustainable supply chain financing product to companies that evaluate their suppliers according to sustainability criteria.