Information Systems Steering Committee

Committee Officer: Emre Seval

Type of Committee: Main committee

Subcommittee Type: Legal / Approved by Board Members

Committee's Aim / Responsibilities: IS Steering Committee is responsible for prioritizing IS investments and projects, making necessary directions to ensure compliance of IS architecture and IS projects with the legislation and monitoring service levels for IS services.

Duties of the committee are;

  • Discussing the priority order of IS investments and projects made in relation to the strategic priorities of the bank,
  • Discussing and evaluating ongoing project situations, to decide to prioritize projects with resource conflict,
  • Discussing the evaluations of related projects within the scope of architecture and legislation,
  • Discussing project business goals and realized goals,
  • Evaluating the service levels of IS services.

Committee History: Established on December 2020.

Meeting Frequency: At least twice a year.

Number of Meetings (2022): 2 meetings are planned. (June, September)

Committee Members

Committee Members Committee Members' Titles Responsibilities
İlker Kuruöz Engineering & Data EVP President
Mahmut Akten Retail Banking EVP Member
Sibel Kaya SME Banking EVP Member
Cemal Onaran Commercial Banking EVP Member
Ebru Dildar Edin Corporate, Investment Banking & Global Markets EVP Member
Didem Dinçer Başer Talent & Culture EVP Member
Aydın Düren Board Member / Responsible for Legal Services Member
Aydın Güler Finance & Treasury EVP Member
Işıl Akdemir Evlioğlu Client Solutions EVP Member
Murat Atay Chief Credit Risk Officer Member
Özlem Ernart Head of Risk Management Member
Eray Kaya TC - Banking Applications Unit Manager Member
Fatih Bektaşoğlu TC - Digital Bank., Customer Exp., Architecture Unit Manager Member
Özgür Tüzemen TC - Data & Advanced Analytic Unit Manager Member
Mustafa Şen TC - Markets, CIB & Payment Systems Unit Manager Member
Kutluhan Apaydın TC - CFE & Financial Companies Unit Manager Member
Şebnem İpekçi TC - Strategy & Control Unit Manager Member
Çağrı Süzer Garanti Payment Systems CEO Member
Tolga Haliler Organization & Process Development Director Member
Seval Demirkılıç TC - Project And Agile Method Management Unit Manager Member
Emre Özbek Compliance Director Member