Inclusive Growth

Garanti BBVA has been broadening the scope of the support extended for women’s empowerment in business, entrepreneurship and technology startup ecosystem, and developing specific service models and approach within the frame of inclusive growth that makes the other headline of its sustainability strategy.

The Bank’s efforts for empowering women entrepreneurs spent under the Women Entrepreneurs Program launched in 2006 are categorized under four headings: “financing”, “encouraging”, “education” and “access to new markets”.

Garanti BBVA has introduced ‘’Hesabını Bilen Kadınlar’’ program for unbanked women in Türkiye, in order to support their active participation to the economy and financial system as a part of its inclusive growth strategy. The program has two different education models: online and face to face financial literacy trainings.

A financial literacy training which is prepared for women to better manage their own economies in cooperation with the Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association (FODER) has been available free of charge since July 2023. Face-to-face training programs are being organized with women’s cooperatives in collaboration with the Foundation for the Support of Women's Work (KEDV) to build on women’s financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills.

On the other hand, the Bank also supports program participant customers with advantageous custom-tailored banking products. Women who participate in the program, regardless of the income declaration requirement, can benefit from a feefree Bonus Troy credit card up to 3,000 TL, micro loans up to 5,000 TL, and a private pension contract that they can start for themselves and their children from 100 TL. Also, women who get the PPS for the program are given free Critical Women Diseases insurance and a mammogram that they can use once a year.

In 2024, the Bank is intending to help build on the financial literacy knowledge of a higher number of women and to support their active participation in economic life using banking products through partnerships with the civil society, public sector and various brands

Support to the entrepreneurial ecosystem is carried on with the Garanti BBVA Partners Accelerator Program. In the new term, it will be diversified with the Garanti BBVA Partners Tech subprogram targeted at technology startups with a focus on data, cyber security, payment systems and sustainability

Garanti BBVA will offer supporting content and events such as training, meetings, and collaborations, e8in addition to financing resources, with the Technology Entrepreneurs Service Model that it will offer in the coming period to technology startups that will shape the future.