Analysts’ Consensus Estimates

The information contained herein is arithmetic average for each financial item of the estimates provided by analysts or is available to public. The data is provided solely as a courtesy and for convenience. This does not imply that T. Garanti Bankası A.Ş. (“Garanti BBVA”) endorses, concurs with or adopts such information, conclusions or recommendations and does not approve or assure the accuracy or correctness of the referred information.

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Consensus* (BRSA Financials) (YoY)

2019E High Low Average
NII growth (inc. swap expenses) (%) 10.8% -9.8% -1.5%
Net F&C growth (%) 22.3% 12.0% 17.9%
OPEX growth (%) 20.7% 11.9% 17.1%
EPS growth (%) 5.4% -29.1% -5.2%
Net Income (TL mn) 7,000 5,302 6,399
ROAE (%) 16.2% 10.6% 13.2%
Shareholders’ Equity (TL mn) 53,521 46,100 51,346
2020E High Low Average
NII growth (inc. swap expenses) (%) 60.6% -5.2% 17.0%
Net F&C growth (%) 20.0% 3.8% 14.1%
OPEX growth (%) 18.8% 7.7% 13.6%
EPS growth (%) 46.1% 20.0% 30.4%
Net Income (TL mn) 10,202 6,362 8,386
ROAE (%) 18.3% 11.7% 15.3%
Shareholders’ Equity (TL mn) 63,799 53,927 58,835
2021E High Low Average
NII growth (inc. swap expenses) (%) 24.1% -1.7% 7.3%
Net F&C growth (%) 22.0% 7.5% 14.6%
OPEX growth (%) 17.0% 6.4% 12.0%
EPS growth (%) 64.7% 7.2% 28.5%
Net Income (TL mn) 12,998 7,496 10,604
ROAE (%) 20.2% 11.6% 17.0%
Shareholders’ Equity (TL mn) 73,984 58,463 66,502

Consensus includes the estimates of 9 analysts, last update on June 19, 2019

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