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Garanti BBVA initially offered its shares to public in 1990 on Borsa Istanbul and has become the first Turkish company to offer its shares on international markets in 1993.

Garanti BBVA’s Depository Receipts are listed on the OTC (Over-The-Counter) Markets in the USA. In 2012, Garanti BBVA participated in the prestigious tier of the U.S. Over-The-Counter (OTC) market, OTCQX International, where companies traded must meet high financial standards and an effective disclosure process. Trading on this market with 436 leading companies of the world, Garanti BBVA has established itself among the top Depository Receipts traded on the OTCQX marketplace and ranked 30th per Market Capitalization, 65th per Dollar Volume and 50th per Volume in September 2019. 

Garanti BBVA has a market capitalization of TL 43 billion (USD 7.6 billion) as of the end of September 2019 and is the most valuable bank in Turkey. With a free float ratio of 50.07% and TL 19 billion floating market capitalization, Garanti BBVA also has the highest free float in BIST 100 among banks. Garanti BBVA share (GARAN) is the most traded Banking stock in Borsa Istanbul with an average daily turnover of TL 1.2 billion (USD 215 million) and has 6% market share in BIST 100 turnover. GARAN was the most traded banking stock by foreign investors Furthermore, GARAN has the highest weight in BIST 100 and in BIST 30 among banks as of September 2019. 

90% of Garanti BBVA’s shares in the free float is owned by foreign investors that are spread to around 37 countries. Garanti BBVA has more than 38 thousand Retail shareholders that are registered in Turkey.

Garanti BBVA works towards continuously and noticeably increasing the value created for its stakeholders

Communicating the value created in a pro-active, transparent and consistent way, during 2018, Garanti BBVA Investor Relations took part in 34 national and international investor conferences held in 13 cities in Asia, USA, UK and Europe with the participation of senior management, in addition to the one-on-one meetings with 967 international investment funds. Garanti BBVA continued to organize live webcasts/teleconferences bringing its senior management together with the investment community in 2018, and made presentations on its financial results four times a year, as well as a video cast on its operating plan for the following year that described its forward looking projections. 

The full audio recordings of all of these events were posted on Garanti BBVA Investor Relations website, Investor Relations applications on iPad and Android tablet. Contents prepared both in Turkish and English for the convenience of the investment community enable investors from all around the world to have easy access to all the information they need. Commitment to its irreplaceable values of the principles of trust, integrity, accountability and transparency is Garanti BBVA’s main responsibility to all its stakeholders; and serves as the guarantee of the Bank’s strong reputation. Garanti BBVA’s efforts to create value for all its stakeholders, the economy and the society has been recognized by national and international authorities. Since 2014, Garanti BBVA has been qualified for BIST Sustainability Index and BIST Corporate Governance Index and continues to be the only bank from Turkey listed in the Dow Jones SustainabilityTM Emerging Markets Index, after being qualified in 2015. This year marks the fourth consecutive year of index inclusion with valuation on topics such as ethics, governance, financing activities, environmental and social performance throughout the value chain, risk management, climate change mitigation, transparency, supply chain, human and employee rights. 

In addition to these, Garanti BBVA continued to qualify and remain a constituent of the FTSE4Good Emerging Markets Index which is the independent organization, jointly owned by the London Stock Exchange and the Financial Times and designed to measure the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. Moreover, through its numerous practices and initiatives for ensuring gender equality within its human resources as well as its activities directed to customers and the community, Garanti BBVA is the only company from Turkey to be included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index.