Borsa İstanbul

BIST100  - XU100, BIST50 – XU050, BIST30- XU030, BIST Banks Index- XBANK

Garanti BBVA is a constituent of the indices above due to its status as the leading stock in BIST.









In 2012, Garanti BBVA participated in the prestigious tier of the U.S. Over-The-Counter (OTC) market, OTCQX International Premier, where companies traded must meet high financial standards and an effective disclosure process. Trading on this market with 356 leading companies of the world, Garanti BBVA has established itself among the top Depository Receipts traded on the OTCQX marketplace and ranked 38nd per Market Capitalization, 42st per Dollar Volume and 13thper Volume in 1Q18. Having first qualified in 2014 to join OTCQX® ADR 30 Index launched by OTC Markets Group Inc. in cooperation with the Bank of New York Mellon, Garanti BBVA has established itself among the top 30 Depository Receipts traded on the OTCQX marketplace, selected based on their market capitalization, volume and liquidity.




Sustainability Indices

BIST Sustainability Index

Garanti BBVA qualifies for BIST Sustainability Index as a result of London-based EIRIS’s (Ethical Investment Research Service) assessment. It is included in the BIST Sustainability Index since its launch in 2014.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Garanti BBVA qualified for the Dow Jones SustainabilityTM Emerging Markets Index for the third consecutive year in September 2017. Being listed in the DJSI in 2015 for the first time, Garanti BBVA proved once again that it successfully integrated sustainability into all of its activities and banking operations despite the ever increasing assessment criteria. Garanti BBVA continues to be the bank company from Turkey to qualify for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index that is used as a global sustainability indicator.

Being one of the respectable platforms that assesses corporations’ sustainability performances globally, Dow Jones Sustainability Index has a role of being an important indicator that international investors take into consideration. Companies are graded based on topics such as ethics, governance, financing activities, environmental and social performance throughout the value chain, risk management, climate change mitigation, transparency, supply chain, human and employee rights.

The Dow Jones Sustainability World Index was launched in 1999 as the first global sustainability benchmark. The DJSI family is offered cooperatively by RobecoSAM Indices and S&P Dow Jones Indices. The family tracks the stock performance of the world's leading companies in terms of economic, environmental and social criteria. The indices serve as benchmarks for investors who integrate sustainability considerations into their portfolios, and provide an effective engagement platform for companies who want to adopt sustainable best practices. The DJSI is based on an analysis of corporate economic, environmental and social performance, assessing issues such as corporate governance, risk management, branding, climate change mitigation, supply chain standards and labor practices.


At the beginning of 2017 Garanti BBVA was included in  FTSE4GOOD.

FTSE, an independent organization jointly owned by London Stock Exchange and Financial Times, measures companies’ environmental, social and governance performance by FTSE4Good. Garanti BBVA achieved another significant success by qualifying for the “FTSE4Good Emerging Index” the year of its launch. FTSE4Good is recognized as one of the important indices to be looked into by the investors who want to make responsible investments. Companies are included in the index after being assessed in ethics, governance, financing, environmental and social performance, risk management, climate change mitigation, transparency, supply change, human and employee rights, etc.

The FTSE4Good Index is a series of ethical investment stock market indices launched in 2001 by the FTSE Group. A number of stock market indices are available, for example covering UK shares, US shares, European markets and Japan, with inclusion based on a range of corporate social responsibility criteria.

Other Indices

CDP Water A List

Garanti BBVA has succeeded in being included in the CDP Global A List among the businesses that announced their strategies for the water crisis through the CDP platform carried out by Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum in Turkey. Thus, Garanti BBVA has been the only financial institution to be included in the CDP Water Program Global A List that includes 73 companies worldwide. In addition to its awareness raising and capacity building activities among customers, Garanti BBVA also offers several products and services as water risks were one of the focus points in its Climate Change Action Plan published in 2015.

Within the scope of the CDP Programs, around 6000 companies worldwide are measuring the interactions of the products that cause climate change, consumption of water resources and deforestation with their business operations and the risks that they create and then disclose such results to the investors.


Bloomberg Gender Equality Index

As a company whose gender equality practices are internationally recognized, Garanti BBVA made the 2017 Bloomberg Financial Services Gender Equality Index that assesses companies in the financial sector in that respect. The bank has many practices and initiatives for women’s economic and social empowerment and became the first and the only company in Turkey to be included in this prestigious index with its achievements in human resources, customers and society.

The index evaluates HR practices such as increasing women employees and women managers ratios, supporting child care, preventing discrimination, offering equal opportunity, establishing employee clubs for women, and supporting personal and career development of women employees. Additionally, the bank’s efforts in developing products and services for women, supporting women entrepreneurs and women suppliers, increasing financial literacy of women, and being a signatory of international initiatives are among the important criteria to qualify for the index.

BIST Corporate Governance Index

By virtue of the fact that the Garanti BBVA’s Corporate Governance Compliance Score is above the 7 Threshold Score, Garanti BBVA is entitled to be included in the Borsa Istanbul (BIST) Corporate Governance Index.