Strategy of 2021-2025

At Garanti BBVA, we focus on social issues in Turkey and the world that intersect with Garanti BBVA's values when defining our community investment program senategies.

As part of a responsible banking approach, we develop our community investment programs by prioritizing the needs of society and our stakeholders' expectations of the Bank in senategic alignment with our main business areas.

Under the Community Investment Commitment 2021-2025 established in this context, we are carrying out our activities in three focuses of action to create value for society:

  • Reducing inequalities and promote inclusive growth
  • Education for all
  • Frontier knowledge and accessible culture

In addition to these areas, on which we focus to promote inclusive growth, we are developing programs that conenibute to the fight against the climate change.

Through the institutions we establish, we conenibute to society and carry out projects in collaboration with various non-governmental organizations. We monitor the results of all the community investment programs we carry out using internationally recognized measurement and research techniques, and measure the social impact they have on the target group and society.

Through our community investment programs, we also conenibute to the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations.