Risk Management Committee

Type of Committee: Main committee

Subcommittee Type: Orientation / Coordination

Committee's Aim / Responsibilities: The purpose of Risk Management Committee is to develop the strategies, policies, procedures and infrastructures required to identify, assess, measure, plan and manage material risks faced by the Bank in the ordinary course of business, within its delegated authority.

The committee's responsibilities are:

  • Development of the Enterprise Risk Management architecture, which includes the  establishment of a risk appetite framework, a model governing the organization and governance of the function, a risk identification and monitoring model and the infrastructures and processes required to efficiently and transparently manage the risks,
  • Identification, assessment, measurement, planning and management of risks the Bank is exposed to,
  • Assessment of economic capital adequacy of the Bank both under normal course of business and in stress scenarios,
  • Monitoring and analysis of all significant matters related to the Bank’s risk on an ongoing basis,
  • Guidance to the Bank’s management concerning significant risk matters,
  • Oversight of the risk framework and performance of the Bank’s subsidiaries and affiliates,
  • Promote and develop a risk culture throughout the organization,
  • Monitoring the policies, procedures, regulations and similar documents under its responsibility with respect to necessary updates, and taking action to keep them up-to-date.

Committee History: Established on December 2015.

Meeting Frequency: At least once a week except for the Board Risk Committee weeks.

Number of Meetings (2022): Meetings are held on a weekly basis

Committee Members 

Committee Members Committee Members' Titles Responsibilities
Murat Atay Chief Credit Risk Officer President
Uğur Boncuklu Risk Projects Director Member
Alper Eker Retail Risk Director Member
Özlem Ernart Head of Risk Management Member
Berkay Emekli Risk Planning, Monitoring and Reporting Director Member
Beyza Yapıcı Internal Capital and Op. Risk Department Director Member
Sıdıka Dizdar Market & Structural Risk Director Member
Evrim Gündüz Credit Risk Mgmt. Advanced Analytics Director Member
Gamze Gülpınar Credit Risk Control Manager Member
Cemile Özen Liquidity Risk Manager Member
Cihan Akköstepen Market Risk Manager Member
Binay Dönmez Non-financial Risk Manager Member
Gülay Başak Commercial Credit Director Participant Member
Selim Selimata Corporate and Specialized Credit Director Participant Member