Accesible Banking Services

To Garanti BBVA, participation of every individual in social and economic life is crucial. The Bank believes that contemporary, strong societies rise upon equal opportunity principle. Within the frame of inclusive growth, the other main topic of its inclusive sustainability strategy, Garanti BBVA has been treating vulnerable groups and entrepreneurs with low access to finance and other services as a separate customer group for many years.

In this context, it is aimed to contribute to physical and financial independence of customers with disabilities through Accessible Banking Services.

Garanti BBVA Customer Contact Center continued to make financial life easier for its customers by doubling the time allowed for punching in the numbers on the IVR system, and connecting hearing-impaired clients to the Live Support Assistant effortlessly and quickly within the scope of “Live Support” service, the written communication channel available on Garanti BBVA Mobile

Under the partnership established with BlindLook, Garanti BBVA enables visually impaired customers to freely perform their transactions with the help of voice instructions through Garanti BBVA Mobile and Internet banking. Visually impaired customers can easily perform many transactions including account opening, money transfers and bill payments with the help of voice instructions without needing anyone else’s help. By virtue of this collaboration, Garanti BBVA remained a part of BlindLook’s EyeBrand (Görme Engelsiz Marka) network.

  • Garanti BBVA values active participation of individuals with disabilities in everyday life, and undertakes various initiatives regularly to this end. The Bank upgrades experience via developments on its channels and partnerships with businesses with the goal of facilitating the access of individuals with disabilities to banking services and responding to their various needs.
  • Garanti BBVA has been improving its service delivery to individuals with disabilities thanks to the Accessible Banking training given to its employees, and targets to raise increased awareness of the topic.
  • Garanti BBVA increased the number of its ATMs accessible by visually impaired individuals from 5,431 to 5,496.
  • The number of ATMs accessible by individuals with orthopedic disabilities, on the other hand, is 230 as of 2023

Garanti BBVA aims to contribute to financial freedom of individuals with disabilities by incorporating them in the banking ecosystem at a higher extent on the back of additional improvements in service delivery and its channels.

Under its collaboration with Engelsiz Çeviri, Garanti BBVA started posting sign language and spoken versions of its banking agreements on its website.