Why Turkish Banking Sector?


Note: Sector figures are based on bank-only BRSA monthly data as of November 2023. Banks owned by SDIF are not listed above
1 Top 10 banks make up ~80% of sector’s total asset as of Sep-23.

(1) Bank of International Settlements, as of September 2022
(2) Datareportal, Digital 2022 on Turkey, as of February 2022
(3) Statista, as of April 2022
*Based on having an account in a financial instution.

Sector data is based on BRSA monthlydata as of November 2023, for commercial banks only

Note: Commercial banks’ figures are based on BRSA monthly data as of November 2023. Leverage defined as Debt / Equity
1 Source: CBRT, as of November 2023. Excludes non-residents’ FC deposits
2 Quick Liquidity Buffers: FC reserves Under ROM, swaps, money market placements, CBRT eligible unencumbered securities , cash, FC collateral deposit