Türkiye Garanti Bankası A.Ş. (“Garanti BBVA ” or “the Bank”) complies with the corporate governance principles set out by the banking legislation, capital market legislation as well as the Turkish Commercial Code and other applicable legislation. Garanti BBVA pays the utmost attention to implement these principles. The Bank accordingly updates its annual reports and website, making them available to its stakeholders. The shareholders can access comprehensive information, get information about the latest developments and activities from the regularly updated Garanti BBVA Investor Relations website, and can address their questions to the Investor Relations Department and to the Subsidiaries and Shareholders Service. 

In keeping with Garanti BBVA’s commitment to corporate governance principles, information about the Bank’s compliance with non-mandatory principles under the Corporate Governance Communiqué numbered II-17.1 is provided under the related headings of this report. 

The Corporate Governance Committee was established in February 2013 pursuant to the Regulation on the Banks’ Corporate Governance Principles published by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (“BRSA”) and the Communiqué Serial: IV-56 on the Determination and Implementation of Corporate Governance Principles issued by the CMB, which was effective at the time. The Committee is responsible for overseeing compliance with corporate governance principles and for ensuring that relevant improvement efforts are carried out in the Bank. In 2018, the Committee held 3 meetings with full participation of its members. The Board of Directors deemed that the activities performed by the Corporate Governance Committee in 2018 were efficient, appropriate, adequate and compliant with the relevant legislation. The activities of the Corporate Governance Committee are presented in detail in the Committees section.  

On the other hand, Garanti BBVA, during 2018, achieved compliance with all of the mandatory principles of the Corporate Governance Communiqué No. II-17.1.

1. Shareholders
2. Disclosure and Transparency
3. Stakeholders
4. Board of Directors