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Customer Experience

Garanti BBVA’s consistent performance in customer experience rely on four key competencies that it embraced in the execution of its strategy: Customer Understanding Capacity, Design Philosophy adopted, Empathetic Culture espoused by each member of the organization and advanced Measurement Systems allowing constant self-control. Please see our Key Performance Indicators in the table below.

Customer experience has always been one of the main pillars of Garanti BBVA’s strategy. Garanti BBVA strongly believes that companies delivering compelling experience are and will become the most successful ones in their industries. Customer experience is even more important in today’s hyper changing environment accelerated by technology. Boundaries between industries have already blurred, and digital business models create the new norms for all business areas. Solutions that delight customers easily become the standard not for a specific category but for all. Therefore Garanti BBVA regards customer experience as the most important element for strengthening its competitiveness and differentiating it in its industry.

Garanti BBVA has a solid and long-run strategy built on a combination of technology and human factors, which are the key determinants of our age. The Bank executes its customer experience strategy with the aim of making customers’ lives easier, looking after their financial well-being, helping them make informed financial decisions, advising them to grow their businesses in a sustainable manner, and finally, bringing financial services to everyone.

Customers’ needs and expectations are continuously evolving and reshaping in line with technological advancements. But common ground stays the same: they want to experience shortened and frictionless journeys saving their time, smarter solutions supporting their well-being and personal connection which they enjoy. This understanding shapes all of Garanti BBVA’s customer experience management efforts. The Bank wants its customers to be happy for having chosen to work with it. Building a good customer experience is one of the top strategic priorities and indispensable passions for Garanti BBVA’s senior management as well. The Customer Committee established for this purpose convenes under the chairmanship of the CEO to discuss customer experience topics. The Committee defines the Bank’s customer experience strategies and it is also responsible for realizing and ensuring continuous effort aimed at enhancing experience at every touch point and improving performance.

In 2019, Garanti BBVA continued to regularly receive feedbacks from customers for understanding the status of current customer experience and generating customer insight. Based on these feedbacks, the Bank designed 40 new projects to build on its products and services.

Helping its customers maintain their financial health is a key topic that Garanti BBVA puts emphasis on, and works to constantly improve through new ideas, projects and initiatives. Facilitating access to financial services through all its channels, Garanti BBVA ensures that its customers are informed about their financial positions, and have full control over their finances. The Bank offers solutions to improve their financial well-being, by providing information about savings to customers with the potential to save up, and about loan products to customers needing loan products to better manage their cash flows, as the case may be.

With its responsible banking approach, Garanti BBVA shares advantages and possible risks of products and services. Hence, Garanti BBVA communicates with its customers transparently in all sales and marketing activities, and provides all the information they need in a clear and easy to understand way. The Bank offers feasible solutions and seeks to build long-term and sustainable relations that are built on trust.

Garanti BBVA has a variety of goals: besides producing solutions for their financial needs, the Bank aims to support the growth and resilience of SMEs, women entrepreneurs and startups, who are key to sustainable development of the economy, and to help them improve their environmental, social and ethical performance.

Through Garanti BBVA Partners Acceleration Program, the Bank helps flourish the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey, and aims to support and accelerate early startups and initiatives with the potential to attract investment and grow.

The Bank facilitates women entrepreneurs’ access to financing, encourages them to realize their full potentials through Turkey’s Woman Entrepreneur Competition and executes free-of-charge educational collaborations to ensure sustainability such as the Women Entrepreneurs Executive School. Through Women Entrepreneurs Meetings, the Bank targets to help women entrepreneurs build new collaborations and penetrate new markets through experience and information sharing that they need.

The objectives of Garanti BBVA also include provision of innovative solutions and advices to customers to grow their businesses sustainably. The Bank provides its stakeholders such as its customers and non-governmental organizations with information about the most current topics related to sustainable business models such as innovative environmental, social and governance practices in Turkey, governance models, green financing options, risks stemming from digitalization, new trends in non-financial reporting, transparent reporting, and environmental risk perception in the insurance industry.

By focusing on customer experience, Garanti BBVA is actively contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality, Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities.


Financial Performance

For Garanti BBVA, financial performance is at the core of value creation process and it is the cause and the effect in delivering sustainable growth. As it makes its products available to customers, invests in its facilities and constantly improves its business model and processes with an operational and environmental efficiency point of view, Garanti BBVA has a direct and indirect impact on the economy.

Aiming to use capital effectively to maximize the value created, Garanti BBVA focuses on disciplined and sustainable growth on the basis of a true banking principle with strict adherence to solid asset quality. Combining its approach to unconditional customer satisfaction with its robust capitalization and a focus on efficiency, Garanti BBVA sustains its contribution to the economy through effective balance sheet management.

During 2019, Garanti BBVA increased its consolidated total assets by 7% on an annual basis, bringing it to TL 429 billion, and succeeded in maintaining the percentage of interest-earning assets to total assets at a high 82%. Standing by its customers at all times, Garanti BBVA continued to keep the share of loans within total assets at 60%. Today, Garanti BBVA pioneers the sector across various segments from retail banking to payment systems, mortgages to auto loans, SMEs to project finance, transaction banking to digital banking.

Garanti BBVA preserved its liquid balance sheet composition with the help of its prosperous dual currency balance sheet management in the reporting period. Dynamically managed funding base of the Bank continued to be largely composed of deposits. 14% growth rate in customer deposits base was above the expansion in lending, which helped Garanti BBVA improve its loan to deposit ratio (LDR) by 6 points on a consolidated basis. Garanti BBVA’s strength in consumer deposits is the outcome of its innovative business model, which places customers’ needs and satisfaction at the core of its business.

Garanti BBVA successfully expanded its spads owing to disciplined loan pricings and the high share of demand deposits in total deposits. Despite the declined income on CPI-linkers in connection with the falling inflation, Garanti BBVA was able to improve its Core Net Interest Margin (NIM) by 78 bps with the help of its successful management of spads. Hence, the Bank was able to maintain its NIM including swap costs almost flat on a year-over-year basis. Garanti BBVA, with 5.2%, continued to have the highest NIM level among its peers.

Garanti BBVA follows a prudent and riskreturn focused lending strategy. The Bank displays a proactive and consistent approach to risk assessment, which ensures pservation of its solid asset quality.

The economic volatility in the first half of 2019 and the contracted GDP resulted in increased Non-Performing Loan (NPL) ratio. The NPL ratio rose from 5.2% in 2018 to 6.8% in 2019. Net new NPLs mostly consisted of high-amount corporate and commercial loans, which accounted for 2/3 of all new NPL inflows. On the other hand, consumer and SME loans sourced a smaller portion of net new NPLs, accounting for 1/3 of total new NPL inflows.

Garanti BBVA’s diversified and actively managed funding base, its capital adequacy ratio of 17.8%, its growing deposits with approximately 18 million customers’ trust, and continuous access to foreign funding sources bolster the Bank’s business model and long-term sustainable growth.

Its business model, along with its welldiversified fee sources and its further digitalized processes, support the Bank’s ability to generate sustainable income. All of them combined secure the highest net interest margin, and the highest net fees and commissions base among its peers. Furthermore, Garanti BBVA maintains its focus on efficiency and effectively manages its operating costs to foster sustainable value creation.

By focusing on financial performance, Garanti BBVA is actively contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.



Digital Transformation

Digitalization is one of the global trends deeply influencing every part of life. Digital transformation is driven by developments in many different areas from the internet of things to cloud technology, from big data to artificial intelligence. As internet access and smart phone usage become far more widespad, customers change their pferences to reach products and services in favor of simpler, more useful and time-saving channels which they can access from anywhere, turning away from traditional methods. It is now more important to deliver a customer experience where customized solutions are offered, going a few steps beyond just meeting customer expectations.

Constantly investing in digital platforms to provide unrivaled customer experience, transaction convenience, and pioneering solution suggestions, and to increase the share of digital channels in sales is one of the strategic objectives of Garanti BBVA. The Digital Transformation strategy is erected on delivering a fullfledged banking platform covering various banking transactions and services that are convenient, accessible and customized through all channels. Therefore focus is placed on omni-channel banking which enables customers to perform seamless transactions. Accordingly, the Bank’s main concern is to listen to customers’ needs and answer them in a prompt manner. The goal is to bring the age of opportunity to everyone, and Garanti BBVA is aware of the fact that this process will commence at the branches.

Digital transformation led the banking sector to develop effective risk management tools in many areas including ensuring customer information security and privacy, and managing the increasing cyber threats. While continuously investing in IT systems guaranteeing information security, Garanti BBVA takes pcautions against all risks that could pvent secure and uninterrupted service, and measures the results within the context of customer satisfaction on digital platforms.

For Garanti BBVA, digitalization is a key material topic, as identified by both our internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, technology is an integral part in the decision-making mechanism, which supports process efficiencies and continuously drives the Bank forward. With a single source of data and common understanding, technology is used within Garanti BBVA as an enabler for top-down fast decision-making and strong communication. It is reflected in the way we do business, from advanced CRM applications and segmentation, to innovative products and services, and to a paperless banking environment. We want to offer an unrivaled customer experience by constantly investing in digital platforms.

Garanti BBVA supports the idea of all individuals, SMEs, entrepneurs and corporations benefiting from the opportunities psented by digitalization, and develops solutions to enable use of banking services by more people.

By focusing on digitalization, the Bank actively contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.


Investing in Human Capital

Garanti BBVA’s Human Resources strategy is based on employee centricity.

Garanti BBVA strongly believes that organizations offering employees development opportunities in diverse areas, highlighting the tools for maximum self-realization, and maintaining practices that nurture the fact that humans are social beings will be the organizations of the future.

Carrying out all of its employee-centered activities under the heading “Talent and Culture”, Garanti BBVA thus focuses on sustainable business processes and projects that live, ensure equality and fairness among employees, and their involvement in decisions. At the same time, the Bank keeps developing practices to create a working environment that encourages full utilization of employees’ skills, offer a wide range of opportunities and guarantee recognition and rewarding of their accomplishments.

Under the Talent and Culture organization, the Bank regards each employee as a talent in his or her position, and builds its main focus on producing and developing the tools that will secure the development needed by the talent. In this context, the Bank pursues alignment of the “Talent Solutions” practices designed by Garanti BBVA with its fair and happiness-oriented culture that is also molded according to employee needs and is nurtured by the organization’s values.

The Bank collects and analyzes employee expectations in environments providing equal opportunities, and constantly updates its policy in keeping with technological advancements. The Bank believes that it creates an environment that complies with international standards by maximizing participation in every aspect. It places great emphasis on keeping bidirectional dialogue channels to ensure that employees are actively engaged in the decision-making mechanism and to benefit from innovative opinions. The Bank aims to increase employee satisfaction and employee engagement by collecting employee opinions systematically using a variety of channels, such as the intranet, various questionnaires and platforms.

Within the frame of processes shaped according to employee needs and expectations, Garanti BBVA maximizes self-monitoring by employees at a number of points from career management to performance evaluation and training planning by taking steps that will encourage more active involvement of employees.

The Employee Committee, headed by the CEO and formed of Board members and Senior Management, is responsible for developing all of Garanti BBVA’s employee-centered policies, carrying out and coordinating activities that will further improve employee engagement and satisfaction, monitoring results and developing action plans when needed. With the support of the management, the Committee also aims to promote learning in order to enhance the Bank’s development and tracks how training reflects on business.

Under the “Talent Solutions” heading, Garanti BBVA has in place a Compensation Policy for employees, which is prepared in accordance with banking and capital market legislation and approved by the Board of Directors. The Policy is erected on job-based remuneration, encourages fair, transparent, measurable and sustainable achievement among employees, and is aligned with the Bank’s risk principles.

The performance evaluation system at Garanti BBVA measures employee performance depending on objectives and the extent of their attainment. Systematic bonus and performance models are supported by concrete and measurable criteria during the assessment, and they serve as major and effective management tools for achieving cost management and efficiency, while ensuring fairness among the employees.

Development is positioned as the most valuable value creation tool in all “Talent Solutions” initiatives that place development in their focus. The Bank devises schemes that increase the share of digital training programs within the entire training portfolio to give equal access to development opportunities for Garanti BBVA employees scattered in all 81 cities across Turkey, and aims to increase the number of training programs per person by the year.

The organization’s values make the basis of culture practices. Through the Work Life Integration (İYİ) platform set up to enhance employee satisfaction and ensure a richer working experience, the Bank seeks to increase the number of programs establishing a work-life balance and boosting employee motivation, and to expand their coverage across Turkey.

The Bank thinks that being “one team”, one of Garanti BBVA’s values determined by employee opinions in 2017, bears major effects upon customer satisfaction. The Bank champions the idea that shared wisdom practices that will build up team spirit directly contribute to joint work and development, as well as to the equality principle. In this context, the Bank develops projects that encourage employees to be respectful of diversities.

One of the key goals of Garanti BBVA is to establish a fair and transparent working environment that is dominated by equal opportunities and diversity. In a bid to provide support with real-life practices, the Bank contributes to gender equality and women’s empowerment through studies that measure employees’ prejudices regarding equality of women and men. Garanti BBVA will continue to pioneer and further expand activities maintaining equality principle in the ratio of employees at different levels, the ratio of women vs. men employees, and in all fringe benefits and practices provided. Diversity initiatives will be themed around equality once again, and the projects will focus on reducing unconscious bias and boosting awareness.

In line with local regulations on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Garanti BBVA, through its OHS team organized under Talent and Culture, coordinates and monitors all processes including risk assessment, occupational health practices, training programs, OHS Committees, near misses, workplace accidents and corrective and preventive actions.

The customer-centric approach of Garanti BBVA that places the utmost emphasis on common value creation by its employees brings along egalitarian and agile working cultures that value team success. Organized under the Talent and Culture roof within the scope of agile working methodology, project teams are structured so as to be responsible for developing employeecentric practices, and they manage the efforts to improve, develop and simplify existing work processes, as well as running projects that will contribute to the development of talent solutions and culture-related implementations.

By focusing on employees’ professional development and giving all employees equal opportunities, the Bank is actively contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education, Goal 5: Gender Equality, Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.


Responsible and Sustainable Development

The world is undergoing a signification social, environmental and economic transformation. Many practices that we know and are familiar with are no longer applicable and capable of fulfilling our needs under the current conditions. In the past decade, we have witnessed a radical change in the expectations of communities from businesses. In the next decade, we will be seeing much more demanding societies that are more aware of their power given these revamped expectations. In the light of these, Garanti BBVA puts responsible and sustainable development in its focus and develops innovative practices to respond to its stakeholders’ expectations.In a bid to support responsible and sustainable development,one of its strategic goals, the Bank mobilizes its human and intellectual capitals along with financial capital. The Bank understands the conditions surrounding its customers and other stakeholders, and develops solutions that cater to their needs. Taking into consideration the 2030 Agenda1 that ranks high among material issues, the Bank develops innovative financial instruments and solutions such as the green loan and gender loan, and promotes them in the sector through cooperation platforms.

The Bank collaborates with its peers and the business world at a global level to identify new opportunities, to determine emerging best practices and products, and to remain a leader in sustainable finance and development in Turkey. To this end, Garanti BBVA actively supports or chairs 27 initiatives in total including a number of intermediary platforms including the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), Principles for Responsible Banking, Global Compact Turkey, and the Turkish Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD Turkey).

In 2019, Garanti BBVA, along with 6 other banks from Turkey, committed to adhere to the Principles for Responsible Banking as a global guide in projects they finance. The Bank will be evaluating the products in its loan book against non-financial criteria that make an environmental and social risk or impact, as well as financial parameters in the light of these Principles. Guided by the Principles, the Bank will target to set new targets and further improve its performance every time, rather than keeping the decisions fixed.

As a constituent of 9 sustainability indices in total including the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index, Garanti BBVA analyzes the sector’s leading practices in environmental and social areas and originates new areas for continuous improvement. Garanti shows the way for sustainable pathways through being involved in the development of collective policies and position papers of the private sector, which numbered 13 in 2019.

Garanti BBVA diversifies financial instruments provided for low-carbon and inclusive growth, and cooperates with international financial institutions for lowcost funding. Drawing on its intellectual capital, the Bank introduces innovative financial resources that incorporate sustainability criteria, as exemplified in the first social bond issue ever carried out by a private bank in an emerging country, and the gender loan, which is a loan structure implemented for the first time in Turkey and in the world.

The green project finance loan and the green corporate loan Garanti BBVA launched in 2018 drive borrowers to improve their sustainability performances throughout the term of the loan. Both representing the first examples of their kind in Turkey, green loan agreements harbor advantages in terms of loan interest or commission rates for borrowers, which are made available depending on the achievement of improved performance in environmental, social and corporate governance areas that satisfy the predefined criteria during the term of the loan.

The Gender Loan, which made its debut in Turkey and in the world, was introduced in 2019 under an agreement signed with Polat

Energy. Under the Gender Loan, Garanti BBVA will grant discount both on cash loan interest and non-cash loan commission for improvements Polat Energy will secure in gender equality.

As climate change continues to be one of the most significant global crises in the 21st century, responsible finance approach is molded to address climate change issues in addition to societal challenges such as fostering employment through supporting SMEs in growing their business.Having allocated 100% of its project finance support for greenfield energy investments to renewables in recent years, thus increasing the total lending to this area to date to USD 5.2 billion, Garanti BBVA’s support to green and environmentallysensitive energy continues with the use of 100% renewable energy for electricity in all of its locations.

Garanti BBVA believes that a strong economy and business model are attainable only through strong communities, a sustainable environment and empowered individuals. To this end, the Bank creates shared value through its strategic community investment programs focusing on material issues such as quality education, culture and arts, entrepreneurship, and environment.

Launched in 2017 with the collaboration of the Teachers Academy Foundation (ÖRAV), the 5 Pebbles: Social and Financial Leadership Program aims to instill an awareness of financial literacy in future generations. In addition, Code the Future Project was launched in 2016 by Garanti BBVA and Bahçeşehir University. It intends to improve 8-10 aged children’s skills, and competencies in problem solving, analytical thinking and teamwork through entertaining content including coding and robotics workshops so that they get better equipped for the requirements of the digital age. The project’s scope expanded in 2018, with the inclusion of school teachers. With the aim of adding to society’s active participation in culture and arts, SALT continues to operate as a not-for-profit autonomous institution out of three locations, namely SALT Beyoğlu, SALT Galata and SALT Ankara.

By focusing on responsible and sustainable development, the Bank actively contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education, Goal 5: Gender Equality, Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, Goal 13: Climate Action, Goal 14: Life Below Water, Goal 15: Life on Land, Goal 17: Partnerships to Achieve the Goal.


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