Supported Initiatives

Garanti BBVA adopts various reporting initiatives and works in cooperation with a number of organizations with the aim of improving the reporting of the environmental and the social impacts of its activities, and to promote communication with other stakeholders.

In 2020, Garanti BBVA contributed TRY 1.4 million to the efforts aimed at raising awareness and know-how transfer to a variety of stakeholders including public bodies, policy makers, private companies, universities and NGOs for sustainable development. 76.26% of this amount was contributed to lobbying activities for climate change, 14.81% was contributed to lobbying activities for sustainable finance and 8.93% was contributed to other lobbying activities.

Initiative / Organization Participation Year
Net Zero Banking Alliance 2021
Impact Investing Association 2021
Business Plastics Initiative 2019
UNEP FI Working Group on Principles of Responsible Banking 2018
Büyük Menderes Basin Cleaner Production Movement 2018
30% Club Turkey 2017
Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures 2017
Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) 2017
YASED – International Investors Association 2017
Target Gender Equality 2017
Business Against Domestic Violence 2017
UNGC 2017
Paris Pledge for Action 2016
Science-Based Target 2016
'HeforShe' 2015
CDP Water Program 2015
Integrated Reporting Turkey Network 2015
Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) 2014
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 2013
WWF Green Office 2013
International Integrated Reporting Council Business Network (IIRC) 2013
UN Global Compact (UNGC) 2012
WBSCD Turkey (SKD) 2012
HP Planet Partners Program 2012
Equal Opportunity Model (FEM) 2012
UN Environment Program – Finance Initiative (UNEP – FI) 2011
CDP Climate Change Program 2010
Banks Association of Turkey 1958

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