Our Strategy & Business Model


Garanti BBVA shapes its business model within the frame of its purpose to “bring the age of opportunity to everyone”

Placing the “Values” at the heart of its corporate culture that defined with the involvement of its employees in 2017, Garanti BBVA is guided by these values in all its practices and actions.

The Values is composed of three main values and each of the value is comprised of three behaviors, reflecting the Bank’s business conduct models. For instance, the notion “This is our bank” is reflected in the maximum performance attained by all employees as they carry out their jobs devotedly and enforce this value in their attitudes towards all stakeholders that they touch; all employees know what that means.

Employee career and development model measures the extent to which these values are enforced by the employees through performance assessments; specific educational and developmental tools are made available as part of the development plan resulting from these measurements, which also aim to ensure continued development throughout the year. In addition, adherence to values is addressed in a dedicated category in the reward program.

On the occasion celebrated as the Values Day on the same date in all countries to re-familiarize with, assimilate and live the values, employees redefine organizational strengths, improvement areas of leadership, and the future of teamwork, in addition to taking part in entertaining activities.

Values Day is celebrated simultaneously in all countries in the BBVA Group in order to increase awareness and contribute to the integration of values to their business life. During the Values Day, besides entertaining activities, employees redefine the strengths of the institution, the development areas of its leaders, and the future of teamwork in the light of these values.



Underlining the customer-centric approach of Garanti BBVA, this value identifies empathizing with the customer as the top priority of employees, describes the necessity to disclose all kinds of information when responding to customer needs within the frame of responsible business principles, and calls for a result- oriented approach.

Innovation is embedded in the corporate culture of Garanti BBVA that heeds employee opinions. Employees in each position inspire their colleagues and their circles with the job they do. When serving their customers, Garanti BBVA employees go beyond meeting their needs and offer solutions that amaze the clients.

Fostering Garanti BBVA’s work culture, this value encompasses employee collaboration, the importance of commitment to work, and the sense of responsibility that needs to exist in order to achieve the “common purpose”.



Capital generative, disciplined and sustainable growth strategy that strictly adheres to solid asset quality enables the Bank to move forward strongly.

In order to reach more customers, to accelerate and drive value creation; Garanti BBVA prioritizes making banking services available to its customers at any time through any channel they choose, and delivering them a seamless and consistent omni-channel experience by being wherever customers are.

The Bank aims to merge and integrate technology and humanistic elements, to

  • Make life easier for its customers,
  • Pursue their financial health, and help them make the right financial decisions,
  • Support them grow their businesses sustainably, and
  • Bring its financial services to everyone.

Garanti BBVA seeks to deliver a better customer experience thanks to customtailored solutions and wide array of products offered to customers.

On sustainability, the Bank attaches great importance to positively influencing decision-makers and the sector and to mainstreaming the issue. Garanti BBVA creates shared value and drives positive change through lending based on impact investment, as well as community programs focusing on material issues for the Bank, its stakeholders, and strategic partnerships.

Putting digitalization at the heart of its business model, Garanti BBVA targets to lead the transformation of the sector, command state-of- the-art technological infrastructure, and be efficient and productive in all its service channels. Adopting agile method approaches to execute its projects in order to quickly cater to evolving customer expectations and to accommodate advancing technology in its business model, Garanti BBVA makes efficiency its top principle in its business model with its operational excellence priority. In this context, the Bank aims to enhance operational efficiency as it continues to revamp and simplify its business processes, enhance customer experience and automatize its processes. The Bank also monitors financial and non-financial risks closely at all times and exhibits proactive management.

Integrating the opportunities resulting from advancing technology and data sources in its business model, Garanti BBVA adopts a more analytical approach to customer management by making use of advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. It also employs these outputs in its organizational model with the purpose of improving business results.

Always imagining and designing the future and striving to be unique in what it offers, Garanti BBVA considers raising competent, well educated, responsible, and ethical banking professionals who think big and are respectful of the society and the environment as an indispensable part of the sustainability of its business model. Conscious of the fact that human capital is the driving force behind all progress, continuously attracting, training and developing young and creative talents, offering employees an environment where they can demonstrate their skills, presenting opportunities, and recognizing and rewarding their achievements make the building blocks of the whole system.





  • Financial advisory to our customers to help them make the right/healthy financial decisions
  • Offer our customers solutions and suggestions that cater to their needs so as to help them attain their goals
  • Deliver an excellent customer experience by placing the customers at the center of all our activities
  • Build long-lasting relationships with customers and be their trusted partner


  • Positively influence customers, decision-makers and the sector being the leading bank in sustainability; continue to support raising increased awareness of this matter
  • Increase the diversity and use of our sustainable products offered to customers
  • Observe climate change-related risks and opportunities; integrate them into our business processes and risk policies
  • Focus on community investment programs which deliver impactful outcomes on material topics and observe impact investment principles


  • Expand our customer base and deepen our customers’ relations with our bank
  • Be wherever our customers are; make effective use of new channels including digital customer acquisition and partnerships
  • Grow in areas of focus while monitoring risk and cost


  • Constantly build on our business model in various ways including process automation, transaction convenience and enriched remote services, etc.
  • Increase end-to-end digital solutions, continue to improve experience through investments in our digital platforms
  • Use capital effectively and maximize our value creation while focusing on sustainable growth
  • Constantly improve our business model and processes with operational efficiency point of view while pursuing cost and revenue synergies
  • Effectivelymanagefinancialandnon- financial risks


  • Increase the agility and strength of our technological infrastructure and platforms
  • Speed up our solution processes through artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data interpretation, which is important in the day-to-day operations of the bank
  • Effectively use data analytics in various areas such as offering the right product to our customers, pricing, risk management, etc.


  • Invest in our human capital with a focus on their development, happiness and well-being in order to ensure worklife balance
  • Form teams nurturing our values, possessing team spirit, acting with shared wisdom, thinking big, are socially responsible and result- oriented
  • Adopt a fair and transparent management policy based on performance, focused on equal opportunities, diversity and internal promotion

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