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We are working to offer personalized and accurate solutions and increase operational efficiency through integration of artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning in our systems. We are increasing the agility and strength of our technological infrastructure.

Awareness programs on customer privacy and information security 17 20
Cybersecurity training hours per FTE 70,9%   86%
Training or information provided on external fraud (Number) 108  128
Number of UGİ Smart Assistant Interactions 26.4 million 53.3 million
Number of queries answered by Bilge (The Wise) and Kobilge (for SMEs) Employee Chatbots 484 thousand 550 thousand
Value-added projects using Big Data and Machine Learning 62 77
Number of Customer Behavior scenarios analyzed on Complex Event Handling Platfor 104 121
Number of RPAs in Production Medium 42 120
Number of Annual Transactions Going Through Internet and Mobile Banking Channels 780 million 1.1 billion
Number of Garanti BBVA Log-in 2.7 billion  3.7 billion
Number of Cardless Transactions Going Through Garanti BBVA ATMs 82 billion 119 million
Market share in QR transactions 36% 37%
Digital channel share in non-cash transactions (Individual) 92,2% %97,6
Share of digital sales in total sales (Individual) 84% 86%
Projects using Data Science Suite 15 30

The advancements in technology and the arrival of new players such as fintechs expose the finance sector to a fasterthan-ever transformation. For proactively responding to this transformation, we are taking action quickly. We have redesigned our way of doing business with agile methodologies in order to introduce new products and services swiftly. The Bank is operating more than 400 agile team disciplines, including particularly 100% of the technology organization.

With its uninterrupted investments in technology ongoing since the early 1990s, Garanti BBVA has erected its digital transformation strategy on offering a full-scale and integrated banking platform encompassing simple, accessible and personalized banking transactions and services. In this context, it is always a priority for the Bank to listen to customers’ needs and respond to them in a prompt manner.

We are transforming our way of conducting work and automatizing our processes with Business Process Management (BPM) (BPM), Process Mining (PM) (PM), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) (IDP) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (RPA) technologies. With the solutions created, we are building agile work agile work processes processes that render capturing and automatizing development and automation opportunities a part of the life cycle.

With our Intelligent Document Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Processing (IDP) solutions backed by advanced OCR technologies and artificial intelligence models, we are digitalizing identification documents, contracts, instructions and similar documents and integrating them in our business processes.

For more focused and targeted Information Security, our Information Security Governance team is divided into two main domains, namely “Data and Infrastructure Information “Data and Infrastructure Information Security” Security” and “Application Solutions “Application Solutions Information Security”. Information Security”. This action that will enable deepening in the specialty area provided a more productive working domain in infrastructures and project developments.

Within the scope of Data Security, we positioned our applications developed by various teams under our “Security “Security Solutions” Solutions” team focused on software organized under Corporate Security roof. This allowed satisfaction of life-easing needs of our internal customers and of those we, as Enterprise Security, need in our own business processes from our internal resources within a more consolidated structure.

The opportunities offered by digitalization also make data protection and security issues one of the most important risks. Taking precautions against all risks, which could prevent secure and uninterrupted service, particularly cyber threats, ensuring ensuring information security and informing information security and informing customers on related issues are among customers on related issues are among the material topics, both for Garanti the material topics, both for Garanti BBVA and its stakeholders.

Identity and Access Management function that is of an ever-increasing importance was reviewed end-to-end and reorganized as a separate unit composed of broader and more-focused teams. This move separated Access Management, Identity Management and Authorization Operations functions, resulting in their more focused management.

In terms of governance, the Information Security Committee headed by the CEO coordinates all efforts within the Bank to guarantee information security, and monitors policies, procedures, and regulations. For alignment with the new regulation that went into force in 2020, Information Systems Security team operates within an organizational structure whereby it reports its activities directly to the CEO.

TTurkey’s first bank to centralize its Turkey’s first bank to centralize its operations, Garanti BBVA operations, Garanti BBVA alleviates the operational load on its branches and head office units, and enhances employee productivity through active use of technology. The Bank ensures superior quality, timely and error-free execution of operational transactions of its millions of customers with ABACUS ABACUS. Garanti BBVA channels 88% of all 88% of all operational transactions of branches to operational transactions of branches to ABACUS made up of a dynamic team of ABACUS made up of a dynamic team of 1,543 experts. ABACUS handles a total 1,543 experts. ABACUS handles a total transaction turnover of USD 427 billion.


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