Garanti BBVA's Position
in Business Areas

Corporate & Investment Banking

2022 Key Data

TL 28,3bn Contribution to sustainable finance (+201% YoY)

TL 4,6bn Green financing to corporate customers (+194% YoY)

100% Share of renewable energy projects in new project finance business

82 companies Offered sustainability and sustainable finance advisory (+95% YoY)

25.3% Market share of WPP by installed power financed by the Bank

2023 Strategic Priorities

  • Continue innovating with new products in renewable energy financing and carbon markets
  • Assist our corporate customers in transitioning to a low carbon economy through leading sustainability know-how and advisory
  • Continue to increase our contribution to sustainable finance
  • Continue to serve as primary business partner of corporate customers sustaining their pioneering and leading positions on the back of effective customer relationship management and solution-oriented approach
Commercial Banking

2022 Key Data

#1 in Commercial Banking NPS Once again according to 3Q22 results

“Sustainable Future in Exports" Sustainable Growth and Financial Health events

TL 10 bn TL 5,5 bn TL 5,5 bn Green Loans & TL 4,5 bn TL 4,5 bn Social Loans under Sustainable Finance support (+219% YoY

Specific service model For multinationals

2023 Strategic Priorities

  • Keep delivering customized banking solutions enabled by our broad product range and continue to deepen in customer relations through effective risk management
  • Keep providing financing to our customers for their Sustainable Growth
  • Continue with on-lending of the funds secured under cooperations with governmental financial institutions to our customers
SME Banking

2022 Key Data

>TL 14bn Financing to women-owned businesses

20.5%** Market share in SME loans (+285bps YoY)

29.8% share of SME loans in TL Loans per BRSA definition

#1 in SME NPS Once again in 2022

TL 63mm Total investment to 56 startups

>4,000 Women entrepreneurs received training

**SME loans per BRSA definition, market share among private bank

2023 Strategic Priorities

  •  Continue to work for helping SMEs, the backbone of the national economy, attain sustainable growth and financial health, in addition to the financial support provided
  • Expand the set of products and transactions offered digitally to SME customers
  • Keep expanding the collaborations with the best-in-class companies for the needs of our SME customers
  • Supporting the development of more women entrepreneurs, to promote their success and to facilitate their access to new markets and opportunities for their sustainability
  • Be the solution partner bank in the lifecycles of startups
  • Meet with the customers regarding the “Green Deal” to pave the way fo sustainable investments
Retail Banking

2022 Key Data

11,9%* Market share leader in consumer loans (+19bps YoY)

8th consecutive year Türkiye’s Best Retail Bank Award (World Finance)

10% Mutual Funds market share (+172% YoY)

5th time Best Retail Bank in Europe Award (European CEO Awards)

* BRSA bank-only weekly commercial banks data is used for market share calculations, ranking is among private banks

2023 Strategic Priorities

  •  New customer acquisition with a particular focus on salary and pension customers
  • Expand as needed the capacity of the Retail Banking FAQ Chatbot designed for customer satisfaction and launched in 2023 
  • Introduce the Buddy System project for the development of new customer agents
  • Build on customers’ awareness of their financial status
Payment Systems

2022 Key Data

778 k POS devices (+11% YoY)

12,893,009 Credit cards (+17.3% YoY)

244 k Digital slips

455 k Member merchants (+5.3% YoY)

3.6 milyon Cardless e-com check out solution GarantiPay transaction volume (+81% YoY)

2023 Strategic Priorities

  • Consolidate the leadership in payment systems with our innovative approach, digital capabilities, powerful brands and operational strength
  • Replace the physical wallets with the payment solutions offered by BonusFlaş
  • Expand the product line to offer needbased solutions by supporting member merchants’ digital transformation
  • Carry on with investments in environment-friendly and sustainable fintech solutions that will eliminate the need for plastic cards and physical POS devices
  • Cement the leadership in the fastgrowing e-commerce payments through introduction of new technologies
Digital Banking

2022 Key Data

13,4 mn Digital active customers (+21% YoY)

37% QR transactions market share (+82 bps YoY)

20% Mobile financial transactions share (+71bps YoY)

13,0 mn Mobile active customers (+ 22% YoY)

118,7 mn Cardless transactions via ATMs (+44% YoY)

2023 Strategic Priorities

  • Further strengthen the leadership in digital banking through continued expansion of the mobile customer base
  • Support the Bank’s growth through increased share of digital onboarding
  • Position mobile banking as the primary channel of interaction with customers; cater to all their needs via smart assistant Ugi and live support assistants when necessary
  • Increase the number of end-to-end digital solutions/products and boost digital channel contribution to sales and transactions
  • Keep enhancing customers’ experience with advisory and financial health suggestions offered via mobile channels
  • Make customers’ lives easier through effective use of open banking opportunities and new partnerships

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