and Policies

There are a number of committees set up at the Bank to fulfill the supervisory function. The Board of Directors oversees and audits the entire Bank via these committees.

The structure, activities and effectiveness of the committees are regularly reviewed. In addition, necessary actions are taken to ensure that the processes and documentation of the committees are systematically traced and recorded.

There are 9 committees approved by the Board of Directors. These committees are; Credit, Audit, Corporate Governance, Risk, Remuneration, Information Security, Information Technology (IT) Strategy, Information Systems (IS) Steering and Data Sharing committees.

In addition to these, there are Corporate Assurance, Portfolio Strategy, Asset Liability, Risk Management, Data Security and Protection, Cost Management and Efficiency, Corporate Crisis and Business Continuity Management, Responsible Business and Sustainability, Operational Risk Admission and Product Governance, Integrity, and Information Systems Continuity committees.

While at least one member of each committee is a senior executive, the ratio of committees with Members of the Board of Directors to the total committees is an indicator of an effective governance structure at the level of 95%

Commitment to its irreplaceable values of the principles of trust, integrity, accountability and transparency is Garanti BBVA’s main responsibility to all its stakeholders, particularly its customers and employees, and serves as the guarantee of the Bank’s strong reputation.

In line with its responsible and sustainable business concept, and the importance it attaches to Corporate Governance and Sustainability Principles and ethical values, Garanti BBVA establishes a number of policies, codes and statements governing conduct and business relationships. In 2022, the Sustainability and the Corporate Social Responsibility Policies were revised.

Through Committees and Policies, there is an effective structure established between the Board of Directors, senior management and committees and the Bank, which strengthens corporate culture and plays an important role in implementing the best governance practices.


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