Investments in
Human Capital

We make investments centered around employee development, happiness and well-being, prioritizing formation of the best and most engaged team. We adopt a contemporary working culture fully respectful of human rights, which pursues equal opportunities and diversity.

Number of employees 18.354 18.544  
Employee engagement score* 4.22 4,30  
High performer turnover %3,5 %3,8  
Bloomberg Gender Equality Index 88.56 89.06  
Programs for employee well-being 11 12  
Digital training/total training hours %41 %46  
Hours training per FTE 37,8 42,17  
Number of employees that completed gender equality training 6.811 13.363 check_circle
Women employees/total employees*** %58 %58 check_circle
Gender pay gap**/** 1,11 1,07 check_circle
Women ratio in senior/middle level management*** %40 %40 check_circle
Number of maternity leaves*** 489 415 check_circle
Number of paternity leaves*** 382 331 check_circle
Ratio of women employees returned to work after maternity leave*** %88 %96 check_circle
Absentee rate 0.02 0.02 check_circle
Total questions/comments from employees 6.293 9.726  

* Scores from the annual employee engagement survey conducted by an independent audit firm concurrently at all BBVA countries are evaluated on a scale of 5.
** Median value given, as average metrics is negatively affected by extreme values (i.e., very high/very low).
*** Garanti BBVA Technology, Garanti BBVA Payment Systems and Garanti BBVA Mortgage employees are not taken into account in the calculation

At Garanti BBVA, Talent and Culture runs contemporary talent programs based on success with a proactive and innovative approach, in collaboration with other units in line with its corporate strategic decisions and goals. At the basis of all the work done, is the aim to create the best and most engaged team and to maintain the ideal, inclusive working culture and environment built for this team.

The Bank takes the utmost care to provide a physically and mentally healthy working environment for its employees. The Bank takes the necessary within the framework of legal regulations on Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) and provides training to its employees. In addition to the measures taken and specific training provided to the employees, Garanti BBVA has been executing a work-life balance program named Work Life Integration (İYİ) for enhancing employee satisfaction and offering a richer working experience.


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