In line with its priority to set up the best and most engaged team, employee centricity lies at the center of each and every HR practice at Garanti BBVA.

Managing all of its activities in this context under the heading “Talent and Culture”, Garanti BBVA aims to create a culture that every employee will be proud to be a part of.

Garanti BBVA’s Talent and Culture activities this year were formulated under the headings Employee Health, Employee Development and Adapting to a Transforming World.



Having identified seamless service delivery to the society, its stakeholders and customers as its primary responsibility being Turkey’s leading financial institution, Garanti BBVA set its top priority as employee health, who ensure the permanence of this responsibility.


Therefore, every step taken is based, first and foremost, on protecting employee and customer health, and on managing this strategy in a balanced fashion. The steps and measures taken are handled under the headings of compliance with the recommendations and policies of regulatory authorities, arrangements in physical settings, fulfillment of employee needs, and reporting. All actions taken around the Employee Health theme can be found under the heading Coronavirus: Creating Value for All in Uncertain and Dire Times.


Currently, Garanti BBVA focuses on a talent strategy that preps, develops and supports the employees for their next role within a development model that aims to identify talents early in their careers, strives to increase employee awareness of career options and offers a personalized development plan. In this context, the Bank pursues alignment of the “Talent Solutions” practices with its fair and happiness-oriented culture that is also molded according to employee needs and is nurtured by the organization’s values.

Collecting and analyzing employee expectations in environments providing equal opportunities, and constantly updating the same in keeping with technological advancements, Garanti BBVA believes that it creates an environment that complies with international standards by maximizing participation in every aspect. The Bank places great emphasis on maintaining bi-directional dialogue channels to ensure that employees are actively engaged in the decision-making mechanisms and to benefit from innovative opinions. The Bank aims to increase employee satisfaction and employee engagement by collecting employee opinions systematically through the intranet, various questionnaires and other platforms.

Garanti BBVA puts career and training and development models that can be molded according to employee needs and expectations at the center of employee journeys.

Garanti BBVA reviews all of its employee-centric policies and new projects in quarterly meetings participated by the Senior Management before introduction. The decisions regarding the initiatives and action plans presented in these meetings are decided by a strict focus on employee satisfaction.

Under the “Talent Solutions” heading, Garanti BBVA has in place a Compensation Policy for employees, which is prepared in accordance with banking and capital market legislation and approved by the Board of Directors. The Policy is erected on job-based remuneration, encourages fair, transparent, measurable and sustainable achievement among employees, and is aligned with the Bank’s risk principles.

The performance evaluation system at Garanti BBVA measures employee performance depending on the extent the objectives are attained and the extent the values are enforced while doing that. Systematic bonus and performance models are supported by concrete and measurable criteria during the assessment, and they serve as major and effective management tools for achieving cost management and efficiency, while ensuring fairness among the employees.

Garanti BBVA has employee development in its focal point. The Bank devises schemes that increase the share of digital training programs within the existing training portfolio to give equal access to development opportunities for Garanti BBVA employees scattered in all 81 cities across Turkey, and aims to increase the number of training programs per person by the year.

One of the key goals of Garanti BBVA is to establish a fair and transparent working environment that is dominated by equal opportunities and diversity. In a bid to support gender equality and women’s empowerment in various ways, the Bank carries out studies that measure employees’ prejudices regarding equality of women and men. Garanti BBVA will continue to pioneer and further expand activities maintaining equality principle in the ratio of employees at different levels, the ratio of women vs. men employees, and in all fringe benefits and practices provided. Diversity initiatives will be themed around equality once again, and they will be put into life as shaped by employee opinions and backed by employee groups for higher inclusion.

The Bank strives to maximize employee participation in all processes associated with building a better working environment by leading an environment of open communication and by displaying a fair and objective attitude. Garanti BBVA therefore believes it creates an environment that complies with international standards.

Having reformulated its “career consulting” offered to employees in line with their competencies, knowledge, skills, and needs with a much more strategic and holistic perspective, Garanti BBVA established a model where consultants responsible for HR processes will also be in control of the business processes of employees working in the business area that they are in charge of. The consultants, who are responsible for the careers and development of employees, will present solutions aligned with business strategies and produce proactive solutions.



The transforming Dynamics in the world pushed the accessibility issue foremost within Garanti BBVA’s approach to human resources. Delivery of this vast variety of existing services and products available to all employees through a channel constantly accessible by them gained priority. In this framework, Garanti BBVA carries on with its efforts to launch a mobile application for exclusive use by its employee body, which will be introduced in the first quarter of 2021. The application is intended to give access to the world Garanti BBVA employees need in their capacities as employees.

Another major component of this transformation aside from the mobile application covers the initiatives for creating a common portal that will host all existing channels for employee career and development, which are made accessible through different portals. This will allow employees to view and use the whole cycle from the measurement and assessment steps within the “Development Model” to learning and career-related practices with a more holistic perspective.

Poised to introduce a tool whereby it will focus on more effective development of employees via the Career and Development Portal, Garanti BBVA will have thus launched a user-friendly platform for employees to track their progress throughout the year. New steps will be taken also for enacting the corporate values at every opportunity, and for creating an egalitarian working culture free from prejudices. Employees will be given the opportunity to devise new projects on parenthood and individuals with disabilities that will support business processes by engaging in opinion exchange with employee groups. Initiatives supporting work-life balance, which will be developed within the scope of the “Work Better Enjoy Life” message, will make the highlights of 2021 projects.

Garanti BBVA will be consolidating its existing channels in a more-friendly medium in the short term, and back this vision with steps that will ensure effective use of these channels and administration of a survey measuring satisfaction in the medium term. In the long term, Talent and Culture teams are targeted to be transformed into a team designing the initiatives that will provide guidance to all employees in their roles as service providers and consultants. Within the future human capital management concept, paving the way for employees’ management of all products and processes they need in line with self-devised development plans and their involvement in decisions will be the greatest step Garanti BBVA will be taking towards further improving the existing egalitarian and inclusive working environment.