Agility means agile transformation of the entire organization at Garanti BBVA. So far, 100% of technology and 70% of business lines of the entire organization have been reorganized with agile disciplines. While the agile journey contributed substantial improvement to Garanti BBVA on the technology front, service levels and quality, it also secured a considerable increase in employee satisfaction. End-to-end coherence is secured between the technology organization and business lines. Teams charging ahead together toward a shared goal are able to progress and deliver results rapidly. As planning, decision-making and prioritization take place in the internal processes of teams, the organization’s motivation increases, and conversion into competent, autonomous and responsible teams takes place. Nearly 235 teams work with the agile methodology within the technology organization. Improvement activities underlying the agile philosophy molded according to feedbacks from the projects that arise with the transformation will make the most important agenda for Garanti BBVA in the period ahead.

With its continuous and uninterrupted investments in technology, Garanti BBVA has erected its digital transformation strategy on offering a full-scale and integrated banking platform encompassing simple, accessible and personalized banking transactions and services. In this context, it is always a priority for the Bank to listen to customers’ needs and respond to them in a prompt manner. While continuing to constantly invest in Information Technology systems guaranteeing information security, Garanti BBVA also takes precautions against all risks that could prevent secure and uninterrupted service, and measures the results within the context of customer satisfaction on digital platforms.


For Garanti BBVA, digitalization is a key material topic given focus by both internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, technology is an integral part in the decisionmaking mechanism, which supports process efficiencies and continuously drives the Bank forward. With a single source of data and common understanding, technology is used within Garanti BBVA as an enabler for top-down fast decision-making and strong communication. It is reflected in the way the Bank does business, from CRM applications and segmentation, to innovative products and services, and to a paperless banking environment.

The pandemic has acted as a significant accelerator for digital transformation. The leading company in digitalization in the financial services sector, Garanti BBVA teams already had sufficient teleworking capabilities. Particularly employees assigned to central operations and central functions were provided with equipment possessing mobile capabilities. Under the new service model, branch employees were also given tablet PCs, which allowed teleworking. The primary goal here was to create a working environment for bringing the service to wherever the customer is, concurrently with customer visit to the branch. In this way, all branch employees became able to work from home. During the pandemic when customer visits were halted and isolation was imposed, they kept performing transactions, making phone calls, keeping in touch with the customers and offering seamless service from home. While making headway in digitalizing all services end-to-end, the transformation also brought the need for integration in many areas such as regulations, age challenges, etc., and has turned out to be a period when business continuity tests were transferred to the real-life environment and challenged. Garanti BBVA succeeded in teleworking with its entire organization and the full set of its processes. The Bank will keep reflecting all its learnings and experiences in its business models with a development focus, and keep working to bring the age of opportunity to everyone.