Moving forward with its value ‘Customer comes first’, Garanti BBVA shapes its products and services around the customer positioned at the heart of its operations. Underlining the customer-centric approach of Garanti BBVA, this value identifies empathizing with the customer as the top priority of employees, describes the necessity to disclose all kinds of information when responding to customer needs within the frame of responsible business principles, and calls for a resultoriented approach. When serving their customers, Garanti BBVA employees go beyond meeting their needs and offer solutions that amaze the clients.

As one of its strategic priorities, ‘Financial Health’ for Garanti BBVA means offering its customers solutions and suggestions that cater to their needs so as to help them attain their goals, financial advisory to help them make the right/healthy financial decisions, delivering an excellent customer experience by placing its customers at the center of all its activities and building long-lasting relationships with its customers and be their trusted partner.

In order to measure the performance in terms of fulfillment of customer expectations and to reveal improvement areas, Garanti BBVA conducts Net Promoter Score (NPS) studies and after-service questionnaires with customers receiving service from branches, Customer Contact Center, Customer Experience Support Team and digital channels.

One of the main design principles of Garanti BBVA is to be able to offer to customers the financial solutions that can be easily performed anytime, anywhere. To this end, Garanti BBVA conducts monthly usability surveys to better observe its users’ needs. Based on these surveys, solutions are devised for user experience problems associated with existing functions, and user experience is kept in the focal point in relation to new products to be launched.

With its responsible banking approach, Garanti BBVA discloses advantages and possible risks of products and services. In this context, the Bank communicates with its customers transparently in all sales and marketing activities, and provides all the information they need in a clear and easy to understand way. The Bank offers feasible solutions and aims to build longterm and sustainable relations that are built on trust.

While offering solutions catering to the needs of its SME customers, Garanti BBVA also continues to offer advisory to help them make sound financial decisions. The Bank keeps them informed about the developments in their respective sectors and other matters that have implications for their business lives and supports their growth.

Making proposals that are aligned with customer needs in order to help them make healthy financial decisions, Garanti BBVA offers suggestion systems that help customers make the best financial decisions which are backed by smart solutions integrated with new generation payment technologies.

Garanti BBVA will continue to broaden the proposals designed to improve customers’ financial health and offer suggestions and solutions to help them easily manage their daily financial lives and reach their life goals.