As digitalization changes the way companies do business, it is also rapidly transforming customer demands and consumption model. The fact that people spend most of their time on mobile platforms paves the way for companies to scheme their businesses on a mobile-to-mobile format. Therefore, mobile banking platforms come to the fore as the key channel of customer interaction for banks. As the way of doing business and products are digitalized, the resulting customer experience is also completely digitalized. Strictly focused on offering a better experience on digital channels at all times and a follower of omni-channel strategy, Garanti BBVA aims to reach the users at the right time with the right message. Since the banking business requires an intensive set of functions, it becomes more and more important to balance it with a simple user experience. Garanti BBVA puts emphasis on creating unrivalled user experience through thorough analysis of data, and determines any deficiencies by way of regular usability surveys, thus ensuring sustainability of perfect experience. The Bank acts with the consciousness that “human” is at the center of each and every service or design.

Smart decision techniques are employed to approach customers through the best-fitting channel. Technology is utilized to upgrade customer experience; developments continue on every possible platform based on the Bank’s vision of being accessible by customers anywhere they need banking services.

Furthormore the Bank transforms digital channels into an environment where customers can receive financial advisory. The Bank also contributes to its customers’ preparation for the digital future by developing financial tools supporting digital transformation. Taking digital channels way beyond being merely a platform for transacting and product applications, the Bank acts with the vision of delivering an experience that interacts smartly with the customers at every point and that establishes a true bond of trust.

Garanti BBVA aims to maintain its leadership in digital channels by continued monitoring and implementation of new technologies putting mobile channels at the heart of this experience.

Garanti BBVA takes care to listen to the needs of its customers on every channel they are present and to develop fitting solutions. With “Garanti BBVA’ya Sor” (Ask Garanti BBVA), which is the first 24/7 social media customer satisfaction channel in the Turkish banking sector, the Bank offers an efficient customer satisfaction service. On social network platforms, Garanti BBVA carries out initiatives that contribute to business results by offering a description of products and services supporting its corporate image, and that are intended to make customers’ lives easier with contents on financial and digital literacy, which are at the same time aligned with the entertaining and dynamic nature of social networks.

On average, 45 thousand related content is followed up and an average of 7 thousand customers are responded to every month. With the growing use of social media platforms by users, the number of customers contacting the Bank via Ask Garanti BBVA increases every year. The usage of social media channels is increasing visibly within all communication channels of the Bank. While social platforms had 7.6% share within total complaints received by the Bank in 2015, this ratio is around 20% today. Rapid responses provided to customer suggestions, comments and complaints contribute to customer satisfaction.

In view of the number of platforms it makes use of for social network interactions, Garanti BBVA boasts the most comprehensive complaint handling capability in the financial services sector.

The Executive Vice President in charge of digital banking responsible for digital channels, customer contact center, customer analytics, innovation and product development, customer experience and satisfaction, together with the Executive Vice President in charge of technology, operations, organization and process development, leads digital transformation within the Bank, in collaboration with the senior management team. Furthermore, the Board of Directors closely monitors the progress and the performance.


Garanti BBVA analyzes customer behavior with a data-driven approach and develops its platforms according to customers’ needs along the way. For these developments, the Bank undertakes detailed customer life cycle analyses.

Acting with the vision of always making life easier for its customers wherever they may be, Garanti BBVA now offers service also via its corporate WhatsApp account. Furnishing support to its customers through virtual assistants for a long time, the Bank also launched WhatsApp chatbot service in addition to the voice assistant Ugi and the chatbot service on Facebook Messenger. Customers can quickly find solutions to their problems and get detailed information about products and services by exchanging messages through the WhatsApp platform they heavily use in their daily lives. Garanti BBVA Corporate WhatsApp line is accessible 24/7 by saving the phone number +90 444 0 333 or from the “Contact Us” page on Garanti BBVA Mobile.