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The meaning we attach to words…

A group of 50 individuals ranging from our Board Members to Senior Management, executives from subsidiaries to directors of business lines, regional office and branch managers share what the words TRUST, PIONEER, SUSTAINABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY, AGILITY, SUCCESS, DIGITALIZATION, EXPERIENCE, EMPATHY and TRANSPARENCY mean to Garanti BBVA, the meaning we attach to these words, and the value we create by honoring our commitment.

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Considering the health of its employees, customers and society as its topmost priority during the pandemic, Garanti BBVA, as always, focused on taking responsible and sustainable actions through these times. The health and safety of all our stakeholders have also been our top priority during the preparations of Garanti BBVA Integrated Annual Report 2020. Within this context, we preferred to minimize the risks by utilizing video conferencing applications, one of the most used technologies of this period, for video recordings in our work. We enabled numerous Garanti BBVA participants to share their views remotely through active use of the virtual background feature of the video conferencing application during recordings. Of course, the quality of our recordings was capped by the specifications of the technology we utilized. In this regard, we are grateful for the understanding of our esteemed stakeholders during the viewing of these videos.

Süleyman Sözen, Chairman

For me, trust is the foundation of banking. The rise of banking, as a matter of fact, goes hand in hand with people’s need to search for trustworthy people. Trust is the sine qua non of banking. This trust is a feeling that needs to be conveyed to the society, employees, shareholders and customers. It is the employees and shareholders that initiate, protect, and maintain trust. In my opinion, we as Garanti, accomplished this task and built this trust. We became one of the most trusted entities of the community.

Recep Baştuğ, President & CEO

For me, trust represents the close tie between loyalty, confidentiality, consistency and reputation. The most important notion our Bank sustained throughout many years, has been conveying the feeling of trust to its employees, customers, shareholders and its homeland. Our trust to each other relies on the most significant part of our business, that is the foundation of the bond we establish with our customers. To sustain this fragile and vital bond, and to build a customer experience based on trust, is the utmost priority for all of us at Garanti BBVA.

Sema Yurdum, Independent Board Member

For me, trust is an impression spoken in one breath, but fills our heart kindly and leaves a warm feeling. It includes endurance, resilience, stability, open communication, sharing, honesty, love and respect. Trust, the combination of all these concepts, is of course founded with long-lasting, intense efforts and works, both in our personal lives and our professional lives. Considering corporate life in particular, as we pay close attention during the course of establishing the corporate culture, we hold the notion of trust as the focal point and we achieve more reliable bonds living together with our stakeholders. I believe Garanti BBVA has founded this relation very strongly and fostered the notion of trust in its interactions with all counterparties, and I have full confidence that it will sustain it for many more years to come.

Canan Özsoy, Independent Board Member

For me, trust is a very strong notion, a very precious word. Hard to build, easy to destroy. Trust… we establish in decades through love, open communication and honesty. The core element of sustainability is trust. As our ancestor Atatürk stated, “Turk! Be proud. Work. Trust”.

M.Cüneyt Sezgin, Ph.D., Board Member

For me, trust is the most significant element in life. The truth is, universe, nature, all of our life is based on uncertainty and unpredictability. This is why we spend a life-time in search of something to trust and put all our effort into it. Just like individuals, communities’ and corporates’ primary aim is to provide this trust and sustain it in a relentless way. The prerequisite for the real existence of trust depends on the mutuality. As a big family with our employees, customers and all of our stakeholders, first, we need to create the relationship of mutual trust, and afterwards establish a structure that promotes and provides trust in each other , and only then we will fulfill the prerequisite and the assurance of our long-lasting success.

Ebru Dildar Edin, Executive Vice President – Corporate, Investment Banking and Global Markets

For us, the word pioneer, which we earned thanks to the innovations we have introduced in the sector, finds meaning in sustainable development focus. In line with the Principles of Responsible Banking and through our innovative perspective, we work tirelessly to ensure the transformation we need not only in our own sector, but also in all areas that contribute to the economy. Our mission is one that backs up and strengthens every step our country takes on the path towards sustainable development and regards development together with all stakeholders as a responsibility. We are aware of our responsibility to the world we live in, to the society, our customers and our employees. As Garanti BBVA, this is how we define value creation. We consider our contribution to the economy and our impact on all our stakeholders in terms of being a pioneer, shaping the transformation and creating long-lasting value. We work collectively to be a pioneer and remain as one, to increase our impact, and to create a sustainable world.

Çağrı Süzer, CEO – Garanti BBVA Payment Systems

For us, pioneer means to lead the way by being a first in the sector, and to be a reference institution in payment technologies for more than 20 years. It is to break new grounds on a global scale through innovative initiatives. Pioneer means to constantly improve the worldrenowned and most widely used credit card brands of Turkey to serve our customers. With this perspective, as Garanti BBVA Payment Systems, we will continue to be a pioneer not only today, but also tomorrow and introduce the most advanced payment technologies to our customers.

Murat Atay, CEO - Garanti BBVA Mortgage

For us, the word pioneer defines the leadership of Garanti BBVA Mortgage since its establishment as a first in the sector. Behind our mortgage expertise lies our holistic approach to housing finance. Sustainability is undoubtedly an integral part of this approach. We contribute significantly to Turkey's urban transformation and raise awareness about energy efficiency and green buildings. We introduced Turkey's first Green Mortgage product supported by foreign funding. Through this product, we back Turkey's transition to a low-carbon economy by sustaining at least 40% energy efficiency in the houses we finance. We were the first bank and only the third country outside of the European Union to become a member of the Energy Efficient Mortgage Initiative backed by the European Union. Playing an active role in such initiatives, we work to raise awareness about energy efficiency in Turkey and to be part of the solution.

Utku Ergüder, CEO - Garanti BBVA Securities

For us, pioneer is the one that determines the path everyone will follow, identifies the needs in advance and creates alternatives with the most innovative solutions. As Garanti BBVA Securities, we will continue to be a pioneer in the sector by understanding the expectations of our investors and providing the most accurate advisory in corporate finance, domestic and international equity markets, and futures and options markets.

Sibel Kaya, Director – Talent and Culture

For us, pioneer is the success of the people that bring to life the firsts achieved by Garanti BBVA. At Garanti BBVA, employees are at the center of every step taken for its human resources. Aat the heart of our culture, which is developed and transformed with our contributions as employees, lies the value we give to human. This value means being able to express our ideas and opinions clearly, to steer the opportunities offered in accordance with our needs, and furthermore to be able to participate in decision-making mechanisms. On its road to success, Garanti BBVA will continue to introduce pioneering practices by focusing on human and recognizing human needs as a social being.

Cemal Onaran, Executive Vice President - SME Banking

For us, sustainability can be achieved with individuals who have equal opportunities in society. Accordingly, I believe, the most important step to take is ensuring greater and more effective presence of women in business life. To this end, it is very important that all stakeholders in the ecosystem support and encourage women entrepreneurs. As Garanti BBVA, we have been supporting women entrepreneurs uninterruptedly for twelve years and we will continue to do so.

Mahmut Akten, Executive Vice President - Retail Banking

For us, sustainability is responsible banking. First and foremost, communication with customers is essential for responsible banking, especially in retail banking. Furthermore, the second issue, one in which we will support our customers the most, is to stand by them regarding climate change. We achieve this in two ways. First, we provide cheap and more affordable loans to our retail customers in terms of financing leading issues in the field, such as thermal insulation and solar panels. The second is to facilitate our retail customers to invest in leading companies that will drive innovation on this front, through funds.

Emre Hatem, Director - Investment Banking and Finance

For us, sustainability is the most essential part of our business. To date, our contribution to sustainable development has reached TL 50 billion. We are the only company from Turkey to qualify for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for six consecutive years. Likewise, we are the only bank from Turkey included in the 2020 CDP Climate Change Program We are proud to lead the industry with our pioneering practices.

Mustafa Sağlık, Director - Medium and Large Enterprises

For us, sustainability means growing together with our SME customers. We believe that SMEs that are environmentally conscious, act with social awareness and that are ready for the future, form the basis of sustainable development. With the solutions we offer to the financial needs of SMEs, we support them in making high value-added production. In this context, the use of renewable energy is also an area where we provide increasing support. As Garanti BBVA, we will continue to stand by SMEs at all times, support them in achieving robust management structures with high environmental and social awareness.

Tolga Eren, Regional Office Manager, Ankara 1

For us, sustainability means being a solution partner for our customers at every stage of their life cycle. In so doing, our purpose and priority is to provide our customers a personalized service experience. In this context, we know that providing them an experience based on trust and empathy that exceeds their expectations will lead us to sustainable customer loyalty. To achieve this, we work vigorously at every service point.

Burak Ali Göçer, CEO – Garanti BBVA Pension

For us, responsibility is making our customers say, after many years, ‘I am glad to have worked with Garanti BBVA Pension’. Our products touch the foundation of human life. Our customers entrust either their future to us by opening an individual retirement account, or their loved ones when they leave this life by taking out life insurance. It is a relationship with customers that will last for years to come. Therefore, as Garanti BBVA Pension, we come to work every day with the awareness of this responsibility. We will continue to stand by our customers and add value in the future as well.

Mahmut Kaya, CEO - Garanti BBVA Asset Management

For us, responsibility, responsible investment, is integrating social, environmental and corporate governance criteria to all our investment processes. We believe that the importance we attribute to these criteria comes with two important benefits for our investors. First, we think this building awareness by companies is of critical importance for a better world, economy and financial system. Second, we see that these companies perform much better than their competitors, and they deliver higher returns on investment. As a result, the responsible investment approach allows us to combine financial return with moral, ethical and environmental priorities. As Garanti BBVA Asset Management, we will continue to create value for all our stakeholders with our responsible investment approach.

Hülya Türkmen, Director - Customer Experience and Satisfaction

For us, responsibility means working to ensure that each experience we create results in the satisfaction of our customers. A part of our responsibility is to get to know our customers closely, to understand their needs, to think of the issues that may be of importance to them, and to inform proactively without their asking. Our responsibility is to stand by our customers at every stage of their lives and to support them in making the right financial decisions.

Elif Güvenen, Director – Corporate Brand Management and Marketing Communication

For us, responsibility lies primarily in contributing to the financial health of the national economy, the real sector and our customers. It means undertaking a mission for the continuity of the economy. In this world that we are a part of, this awareness of responsibility always reminds us of what we need to do for the nature and the society. That  is to create value in the fields of environmental protection, education, culture and arts, sports, entrepreneurship, and gender equality. It means to sustain the value we create, make it permanent and have it constantly grow. Because responsibility for us, is taking good care of the world and the future.

Zeynep Özer Yıldırım, Istanbul, Kozyatağı Commercial Branch Manager

For us, responsibility goes far beyond banking service. We cannot define the relationships we establish with customers as merely buying and selling of financial products. For our customers, we are their financial advisors and business partners. With our expertise and our care about our customers’ well-being more so than they do for themselves, we offer them financial advisory, foreign trade and cash management services and aim to provide the most appropriate solutions in the most timely manner. With this sense of responsibility, we always stand by our customers through the good and the bad. For us, in the long-lasting relationships we establish, witnessing the profitable and sustainable growth of our customers' businesses, and growing with them is the greatest happiness.

Didem Dinçer Başer, Executive Vice President - Talent and Culture

For us, the indispensable element of success is human. The driving force behind Garanti BBVA's success is more than 20,000 talents acting as one team. This great team who thinks big, can bring ideas to life, enjoys their job, develops personally, and acts with a common purpose, will always carry Garanti BBVA to new heights. Therefore, our top priority will always be our employees.

Aydın Güler, Executive Vice President - Finance and Treasury

Benim içim çeviklik, kompleks işleri daha hızlı, daha kaliteli ve mutlu çalışanlar için gerçekleştirmemizi sağlayan bir yönetim yaklaşımı. Bu kapsamda, uzun süren planlamalar yerine, işleri küçük parçalara bölerek, dinamik planlayarak, iki haftalık periyotlar halinde tamamlıyoruz, ve bu parçaları tamamlarken, sürekli öğrenerek, denetlenen ve tüm diğer paydaşlarla maksimum değer yaratmaya odaklanıyoruz. Çevik metodoloji, katılımcılığı teşvik ederek ekip ruhunu güçlendiriyor ve çalışan bağlılığının artırılmasında önemli bir aracımız haline geliyor.

Ufuk Tandoğan, CEO - Garanti BBVA Romania

For us, success is how we started in Romania 15 years ago and created one of the leading banks in the country with its size, customer base, and profitability out of nothing. After 2007, we grew completely organic, quadrupled our market share and became one of the 10 largest banks in Romania. Today, we serve more than 430 thousand customers in all business lines with 75 branches spread across the country. For us, success is our conversion to a global operation through the transfer of our own technological infrastructure and know-how of banking operations in Turkey. We have moved the power of our Bonus brand in payment systems to Romania and moved up to 6th place in the country. We have been recognized as Romania's best digital bank for 12 years by Global Finance. For us, the meaning of success lies in sustainable growth. With our strong capital structure, asset quality, high liquidity and profitable business model, we are ready to be the leading financial group in the future as we are today.

Ünal Gökmen, CEO - Garanti BBVA Leasing

In our 30th year, for us, success is contributing to our sector, pioneering innovations, maintaining our reputation in every setting, adding value to our customers, and making our employees happy. When you do these, financial success will follow naturally. As Garanti BBVA Leasing, we wholeheartedly believe that by embracing these values even more, we will remain to be very successful in the future as well.

Devrim Özdemir, Bodrum Branch Manager

For us, success is based on customer satisfaction. We strive to create value for our customers, to be a part of their lives, to walk together towards future, and most importantly, to convey them these emotions. For us, success means being the first bank that comes to our customers' minds. For us, success is to make our customers say ‘if it can be done, it is Garanti BBVA who will do it’

Işıl Akdemir Evlioğlu, Executive Vice President – Customer Solutions and Digital Banking

For us, digitalization is not just a process, but it is an overall culture, a fundamental perspective that has been ongoing for 25 years. Our purpose is very clear: to bring the age of opportunity to everyone. To this end, we combine our strength in technology with our innovative perspective. We see digitalization as a tool to provide benefits for our customers. In order to design a perfect end-to-end customer experience, we listen to our customers, we understand their needs and channel all our energy into meeting them.

Ali Özgür Tüzemen, Director – Data and Business Analytics

For us, 2020 has been a year on the path towards digitalization, which has been developing rapidly in recent years and accelerated even more due to the pandemic, in which we extensively used the power of data and analytical methods to get to know and understand our customers better, and to produce the most appropriate solutions for their needs. In line with this, through our digital channels, we have also started providing various leads and offering suggestions to protect and improve the financial health of our customers. During our customers' digital channel usage and journey, to further enhance the experience and create end-to-end time-saving, effective and swift solutions to their expectations and transactions, we will continue to invest rapidly in big data environments and analytical methods.

İlker Yavaş, Direktör – Abacus Operation Center

For us, digitalization is, at its core, providing lower-cost, faster and excellent service to our customers. In the early 2000s, when we established the Operations Center as a pioneer in the sector, our goal was to increase our quality and efficiency by processing the transactions that our customers sent to branches from a single center. After successfully achieving this target, we moved forward to new goals and recorded new achievements. With the changing trends and developing technologies, our current goal is to process operational transactions sent by our customers automatically, neither at the branch nor at the Operation Center, without the intervention of any individual. I believe that this initiative, which has already started to bear fruit, pioneered by Garanti BBVA will once again transform the definition of operation in the banking sector over time.

Tuba Köseoğlu Okçu, Director – Learning and Development

For us, digitalization is a sine qua non. It is a sine qua non in terms of the services we offer to our customers and employees to make their lives easier and to provide added value to their lives. It is a sine qua non for us to maintain the resources needed to provide these services. And ultimately, digitalization is a sine qua non for the sustainability of all the services we offer.

Müge Türüt, Istanbul, Suadiye Branch Manager

For us, digitalization means regardless of place and time, under all circumstances including the pandemic, being able to offer all services and products in full, whether from home or at customer visits, as if sitting at our desk in the office and always being accessible. For us, digitalization means taking quick action in the field and having access to all information at all times thanks to our strong technological infrastructure. That is why, in the developing and changing digital world, Garanti BBVA, which integrates innovations and improvements rapidly, becomes the first bank to offer solutions to its customers in the field. By making high customer satisfaction our first priority, we will continue to work with all our strength to become the most preferred bank by customers.

Ergun Özen, Board Member

For us, experience that is based on empirical knowledge has always been the key. How we capitalize on what we go through in our branches, call center, subsidiaries, regional offices and headquarters, has been the definition of experience itself. This experimental knowledge, either on customer experience or on risk management, we have utilized to the fullest, in my opinion. I honestly know of none that touches the customers' emotions better than us. Regarding the area of risk management, what we lived in 2001 crisis and the experience we gained overall, has been immensely important. We faced significant challenges, but we learned a lot. As for the crises in the following years, owing to these experiences, we went in comfortably and exited gaining market share. Moreover, in the eyes of the regulators, we have always been recognized as the bank with the best risk management. By listening, learning, internalizing our experience, we continuously show the ability to sustain our position at the top.

Selahattin Güldü, Executive Vice President – Commercial Banking

For me, experience is the total accumulated information a person gains during a particular time frame or a life-time. When we apply this to Garanti BBVA, this means the sum of all the knowledge and experience since its foundation, hence represents the culture as a whole. And this is entirely sufficient for Garanti BBVA to be the pioneer of the sector, to steer the sector and to demonstrate leadership.

Erhan Zeyneloğlu, CEO – GarantiBank International

For us, experience is to sustain a perfect representation of Garanti BBVA in the international markets. Experience builds over time, but as it gets blended with new knowledge and diligence, it finds a meaning. Therefore, to offer this experience to our customers under the spirit of one team is one of our most important goals. Likewise, through our experience as GarantiBank International, in the eyes of the European Central Bank and the Dutch Central Bank, we aim to build an environment of trust and be the point of reference for competition.

Fulya Göyenç, Director – Corporate Banking

For us, experience in banking, just like in all other aspects of life, is the essential component of success, a sine qua non. Garanti BBVA’s 30 years of corporate banking experience, is the reason behind its leadership in this segment, its pioneer position, and its success. Combining this vast experience with strong innovation and technology, we continue to support our customers throughout all of their cycles and to develop solutions. Here is to many more outstanding experiences with our stakeholders, employees and customers…

Öznur Metiner, Director – Talent and Culture Employee Experience

For us, experience means happy and productive employees. The originators of the value we offer to our customers, community and to all stakeholders as Garanti BBVA, the most important actors that make us who we are, are our employees. We believe a good employee experience, not only builds a strong work culture, but it also provides an inspiring work environment for high performing teams who share common purpose and common values. Therefore, we design our employees’ journeys benefiting again from our employees’ insights and suggestions, by continuously improving our work environment and our business processes.

İlker Kuruöz, Executive Vice President – Engineering and Data

For us, agility is the swift adaptation of institutions to changing conditions, the ability to develop new product and services under those circumstances and sustain business continuity. As Garanti BBVA, we have been utilizing agile methodologies as a pioneer in the sector and investing in organizational adaptation for a very long time. In 2020, along with the progress of pandemic, in an ever-changing context, our more than 20 thousand employees had to adopt to rapidly varying environmental circumstances. Throughout this process, we very quickly experienced the benefits of the transformation we started long ago. We delivered both the adaptation of the processes, as well as the introduction of the needed services under these circumstances in a very prompt manner. Looking ahead, adding to the already started initiatives the experiences we learned and gained throughout this process, we will continue to improve our agility.

Osman Bahri Turgut, Head of Internal Audit

For me, agility is a management approach that enables us to execute complex tasks more quickly and in higher quality and attain happy employees. Within this context, instead of lengthy planning, we divide tasks to small components, plan dynamically, complete in two week periods, and as we complete these components, by continuously learning, we focus on creating maximum value to the audited counterpart and to all other stakeholders. Agile methodology strengthens team spirit by promoting inclusiveness and has been growing into an important tool for us to increase employee loyalty.

Tolga Haliler, Director – Organization and Process Development

For us, agility is the ability to change direction by adapting to a constantly and increasingly changing world. We aimed to create the agile business model of Garanti BBVA within the framework of this approach. This is a model whereby we put all our efforts into more value creating tasks, act with the feeling of one team, and through which employees capture the opportunity to develop their skills. Through strengthened communication and collaboration, this structure provides a much more dynamic working environment, where leadership at all levels is encouraged; an ecosystem is formed, supported by teams that can organize themselves and learn by trial. Thus, while the decision-making times are shortened, the production of products and services gets accelerated, and we aim a higher level in customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

Hande Tunaboylu, Agile Coach

For us, agility is a road that we agile coaches and Garanti BBVA employees walk shoulder to shoulder; a journey that constantly evolves and improves through our experiences. Our Bank's strategies can be reduced to team levels; agility is a value-oriented work style that supports the right tasks to be executed by the right people at the right time. In fact, beyond a style of working; it is based on trust, transparency, collaboration, balance and respect; a mindset that encourages leadership at all levels, embraces continuous learning and change.

Eren Yardım, Balıkesir Branch Manage

For us, agility is offering effective services to our customers through processes and tools suitable for today's needs. We are teams that manage ourselves. We are experts that take responsibility. Our customers are our most important players who create value for our team. Working with collective collaboration is our priority. The key to our success is our groundbreaking corporate culture.

Kerem Ömer Orbay, Director - Retail Banking Marketing

For us, empathy is a sine qua non. We have to thoroughly understand our customers, our colleagues working in the branches and our stakeholders. Our most important tool to achieve this, is our empathy talent. If we aim for a sustainable and successful relationship with both our customers and our colleagues, maybe I repeat, but empathy is a sine qua non. Garanti BBVA attained its leadership position in retail banking by prioritizing its empathy focus and with the same approach, it will yet again continue to be innovative and customer-oriented in the future.

Ceren Acer Kezik, Director – Mass Banking Marketing

For us, empathy is one of the cornerstones of establishing long-lasting and sustainable relationships. Empathy means shaping the relationship from the perspective of the customer, understanding the needs and feelings of the customer and developing solutions accordingly, and this is in fact one of the key secrets behind Garanti BBVA's success and customer satisfaction.

Orhan Veli Çaycı, Director – Customer Contact Center

For us, empathy means the ability to understand all our stakeholders, especially our customers. To understand our stakeholders means understanding their needs, expectations and wishes. Understanding is the first step. Once we understand and we structure the service, the product, the convenience that responds to these needs and expectations, the concept of empathy gains a fulfilled and concrete dimension.

Nalan Kırkaç Çalışkan, Regional Office Manager - Istanbul Europe 5

For us, empathy is the most important component of our communication language towards both branch teams and the customers. In 2020, a year mostly spent under pandemic conditions, the primary key to our success was our ability to use the power of empathy in communication. Empathy, either while meeting the needs of our customers or while working as one team to provide uninterrupted service, gave us the opportunity to understand our mutual feelings and to be a solution partner. This powerful communication that flows in multiple directions, the need to be understood, the need to be listened to, are all elements of empathy, that reinforces the sense of trust and enables us to establish sustainable relationships. Garanti BBVA will continue to understand, listen and stand by its customers at all times.

Şule Öztekin, Istanbul, Kartal Branch Manager

For us, empathy is touching the hearts of our customers. It is to make them feel that we thoroughly understand their needs and that we remain along their side no matter what. Especially during the pandemic period, the word empathy gained a much deeper meaning to us. Through the support we received from our Headquarters’ teams, whether at our branches or at home, we were able to offer services to our customers in a swift and uninterrupted manner. We stood by them at every need they had. By offering rapid solution alternatives to our customers who had difficulty in making payments and customers with disrupted cash flows, we provided them ease to breathe. Because to understand our customers under any circumstances and to achieve high customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Aydın Düren, Independent Board Member

For me, transparency is the sine qua non of Corporate Governance Principles. As Garanti BBVA, being one of the most valuable companies among listed companies and one of the exemplary companies in terms of corporate governance clearly indicates our commitment to the principles of corporate governance and, in particular, the principle of transparency to its utmost end. Going forward, we will continue with our practices in a similar way. As Garanti BBVA, our promise to our employees, customers and all stakeholders is that we will be acting in accordance with the same principles of transparency.

Kaya Yıldırım, CEO – Garanti BBVA Factoring

As a subsidiary of Garanti BBVA which has continuously increased its Corporate Governance rating for eight years, we see transparency not only as an ethical obligation, but as a requirement of an inclusive management. With our management approach that ensures public access to timely, complete and accurate information about our company operations, we ensure that all our employees behave in an open, honest, lawful and accountable manner. With our transparent management approach, we increase the confidence of all our stakeholders in our company and ensure their continuous support.

Handan Saygın, Director – Investor Relations

For us, transparency is the disclosure of information concerning stakeholders and potential investors in an accurate, clear, comparable and timely manner. At Garanti BBVA, the explanation of the how and why of the announced results, and the transparent presentation of its analysis through multiple channels have always been a trust-building factor in our relationship management. In fact, when there is any development in the market that may affect the results, it is Garanti BBVA who is called first in order to understand how and to what extent the impact might be. This makes us proud and intensifies our responsibilities. In short, transparency plays the leading role in building trust and sustainable relationship management.

Sinem Özonur, Head of Integrated Thinking and Reporting

For us, transparency is a sign of the responsibility we feel towards all our stakeholders. Beyond being an obligation, transparency is at the center of our communication. Integrated reporting that we pioneer in Turkey, is in fact an outcome of the integrated thinking and transparency which is the origination of our way of doing business. Garanti BBVA is the first bank to publicly disclose its total value creation with an integrated annual report for four years. With this report, we explain how we measure our performance, our targets, and priorities and announce all on the web site, and share the path we move forward and the steps we take. Through our sustainability focus, by transparently conveying the value we create together, we establish long-lasting, growing, developing, and trust-based partnerships with our stakeholders. Our transparency approach will always be the assurance of the reputation we have before our stakeholders.

Nilgün Tepegöz, Izmir, Konak Branch Manager

For us, transparency is sine qua non for our customer's happiness. While presenting a product to our customers, we explain its benefits and content in every aspect right from the outset. Knowing what our custom-tailored solution provides to our customer and how it is used, our customer feels our sincerity, expertise, and advisory. Our responsible and transparent approach allows our customers to own the product happily and peacefully. It strengthens the bond of trust between us and allows us to build healthy and long-lasting relationships.