Driven in its actions by its value “Customer comes first”, Garanti BBVA takes a customer-driven approach when shaping its products and services. Underlining the Bank’s customer-centric approach, this value identifies empathizing with the customer as the top priority of employees, describes the necessity to disclose all kinds of information when responding to customer needs within the frame of responsible business principles, and calls for a result-oriented approach. When serving their customers, Garanti BBVA employees go beyond meeting their needs and offer solutions that exceed their expectations.

As one of its strategic priorities, ‘Financial Health’ for Garanti BBVA means financial advisory to help its customers make the right/healthy financial decisions, offering them solutions and suggestions that cater to their needs so as to help them attain their goals, delivering an excellent customer experience by placing its customers at the center of all its activities, building long-lasting relationships with its customers and be their trusted partner.

Garanti BBVA keeps working towards providing each customer with customized, timely and accurate advice in relation to Financial Health, making use of big data and AI to do so. In today’s world packed with conveniences in terms of digitalization, the Bank believes that investing in personalized customer experience has become all the more important amid the competitive environment of the banking business. To this end, Garanti BBVA takes on a much more comprehensive challenge that goes beyond basic banking products and services that evolves into providing customers with intelligent, accurate and custom-tailored financial advice and puts “financial health” at the epicenter of its strategy. Garanti BBVA backs its suggestion systems that help customers make the best financial decisions by smart solutions integrated with new generation payment technologies.

To help its customers easily manage and keep under control their budgets, and plan an independent and secure life in the future, Garanti BBVA offers customized smart suggestions, information and reminders. The Bank makes use of advanced analytical models to give timely and accurate advice to each customer, and blends technology, data and customer need, which it then converts into personalized suggestions. To do so, first the customer’s finances are accurately pictured, spending habits, financial behaviors are analyzed, and suggestions are developed, which are maintained constantly dynamic.

First the customer’s finances are accurately pictured, spending habits, financial behaviors are analyzed, and suggestions are developed, which are maintained constantly dynamic.

As the pandemic endured in 2021 along with the uncertainties and hardships accompanying it, as well as the necessity to change, the hope instilled by the vaccine helped the people and the business world to keep learning to live in harmony with the requirements of the new normal.

For individuals, protecting their physical health and correctly managing their expenses and savings have been the two key areas of focus. Rapid adoption of digital technologies that started in 2020 to avoid any risk of infection continued in 2021 as well. At this point, the greatest implication for the financial services world occurred in the rush to channels excluding face-to-face contact such as mobile applications and call centers. Garanti BBVA responded to this need at the highest extent, by constantly reviewing both its capabilities in these channels and its overall service model, revising them where necessary. To assist the consumers in correctly managing their budgets through these hard times, the Bank concentrated on advice that would improve their “financial health”.