Digital Report Assistant


What is the Digital Report Assistant?

Turkey's first Digital Report Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence-based digital assistant that can communicate verbally and in writing to enhance your experience of Garanti BBVA Integrated Annual Report.

How does it work?

The Digital Report Assistant works as an intelligent voice-activated assistant that can imitate human intelligence and natural speech. It communicates with the voice command system or interprets your voice and writes instructions. It answers questions and engages in dialogues with stakeholders.

The dialogue map is not stereotyped and it is designed to cater not only to the needs but also the emotions of visitors.

How to use?

By clicking on the Digital Report Assistant buttons in our website, you can ask the Digital Report Assistant any question about Garanti BBVA Integrated Annual Report, either verbally or in writing.

The Digital Report Assistant provides you with the most appropriate answer to your question, links and contents quickly.

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