With its continuous and uninterrupted investments in technology, Garanti BBVA has erected its digital transformation strategy on offering a full-scale and integrated banking platform encompassing simple, accessible and personalized banking transactions and services. In this context, it is always a priority for the Bank to listen to customers’ needs and respond to them in a prompt manner. While continuing to constantly invest in Information Technology systems guaranteeing information security, Garanti BBVA also takes precautions against all risks that could prevent secure and uninterrupted service, and measures the results within the context of customer satisfaction on digital platforms.

For Garanti BBVA, digitalization is a key material topic given focus by both internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, technology is an integral part in the decision-making mechanism, which supports process efficiencies and continuously drives the Bank forward. With a single source of data and common understanding, technology is used within Garanti BBVA as an enabler for top-down fast decision-making and strong communication. It is reflected in the way the Bank does business like CRM applications and segmentation, innovative products and services, and a paperless banking environment.

In our day, digital transformation and advancing technology made data acquirable, storable, and most importantly, processable, at every point of customers’ contact with the Bank. AI and machine learning that can be embedded in any work process allow offering smarter, differentiated and customized experiences for customers.