Consumer Committee

The Consumer Committee aims to ensure that topics and practices regarding the individual products and services, which may cause risk and dissatisfaction in terms of consumer and/or related legislation are highlighted, evaluated and required actions for solution are planned.

The Committee is responsible for;

  • Informing about the findings brought up by Internal Audit, Internal Control and Compliance departments to the committee and evaluate the required findings and develop action plans,
  • Informing about the improvement areas raised during the analysis based on customer feedbacks (complaint, objection etc.) and evaluate the required ones and develop action plans,
  • Monitoring the policies, procedures, regulations and similar documents under its responsibility with respect to necessary updates, and taking action to keep them up-to-date

Meeting Frequency: The Committee meets as and when necessitated by the current agenda; intented to meet four times a year.
Number of Meetings in 2019: 3

Committee Members 

Committee Members Committee Members' Titles
Dr. M. Cüneyt Sezgin Board Member
Mahmut Akten Retail Banking EVP
Aydın Düren Legal Services & Collection EVP
Işıl Akdemir Evlioğlu Customer Solutions & Digital Banking EVP
Eray Kaya TC - Retail & Comm. Banking Applications EVP
İlker Kuruöz Engineering Services and Data Responsible EVP
Çağrı Süzer Garanti Payment Systems CEO
Osman B. Turgut Director of Internal Audit
Hülya Türkmen Customer Experience & Satisfaction Director
Barış Gülcan Internal Control Director
Emre Özbek Compliance Director
Kerem Ömer Orbay Retail Banking Marketing Director
Ceren Acer Kezik Mass Banking Marketing Director
Tolga Haliler Organization & Process Development Director
Berna Avdan Legal Advisory Services - Legal Counsel
Bora Uludüz Digital Banking Director
Koray Öztopçu Consumer Finance Director
Alpaslan Özbey Credit Cards & Members Merchant Coordination Director
Hakan Öger SME - Small Business Banking Director
Levent Kirazoğlu Cash Management Director
Murat Hamurkaroğlu Legal RCS Manager