Creating awareness among our customers

Intending to provide consultancy regarding the impacts of climate change through the services rendered to its customers, Garanti BBVA has been offering carbon footprint and sectoral impact analysis to its corporate customers through its digital channels since 2022. Using the carbon footprint application, corporate customers can monitor their carbon footprint emissions resulting from their activities and benefit from awareness raising guidance, and they can follow up the impacts of their respective sectors on sustainability at a global scale

Garanti BBVA targets to incite its retail customers to take up habits that positively affect sustainable transformation and help them set themselves social and environmental goals. “Ecological” tab under the “My Status” section on Garanti BBVA Mobile is intended to raise awareness of customers by allowing them to monitor their carbon footprint, while providing useful tips and suggestions to help them reduce their footprints. The Bank intends to use its technological capabilities to generate benefits that will touch the lives of the people and the society, and will contribute to the sustainability of the world.

In addition to following up local and global developments, Garanti BBVA maintains collaborations for the implementation and announcement of these developments in the Turkish market.

Initiated in 2022 with the aim of supporting companies exporting to the EU in their alignment with the European Green Deal and clearing the way for sustainable investments, the “Sustainable Future in Exports” event series were organized in İstanbul, İzmir, Gaziantep and Bursa, reaching a total of more than 180 corporate clients. Through these events, the Bank aims to brief especially SMEs, as well as the sectors and institutions that will be affected by the European Green Deal and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism about these processes, to answer the questions on minds, and to mobilize institutions by offering advisory on the “Green Deal”.

Targeting to serve as a role model for the society and to lead the sector with its sustainability-focused efforts and initiatives, Garanti BBVA kept sharing its activities targeted at supporting sustainable transformation in various events and on different platforms.

• Executive Vice Presidents of the Bank participating in the BloombergHT Sustainable Future program conveyed the Bank's new initiatives and future strategy in this field..

• At the TÜSİAD Sustainable Finance Event hosted by Garanti BBVA in December 2023, BBVA Sustainability Intelligence and Advocacy Global Head took part as the main theme speaker about the impact and needs of sustainable financial resources on development in developing economies. In the "Sustainable Finance in Turkey" panel session, moderated by TÜSİAD Environment and Climate Change Working Group and Green Deal Task Force Presidency and Chapter Zero Turkey Executive Board, panelists evaluated local developments in the field of sustainable finance and Turkey's vision of combating climate change.