Announcement regarding issuance of bank bonds

The Summary and Capital Markets Instrument Note, which were approved by the Capital Markets Board regarding the public offering of Garanti Bank Bonds and Discounted Bonds in the total nominal amount of 750,000,000TL, have been announced on Public Disclosure Platform on November 12, 2014.

The details relating to the issues are determined as below:
81-day maturity, dated 09/02/2015, Garanti Bank Bond;

  • ISIN Code TRQGRAN21524;
  • Annual Compound Rate 8.65389%;
  • Simple Rate 8.37664%;
  • Issue Price 98.175

169-day maturity, dated 08/05/2015, Garanti Bank Bond;

  • ISIN Code TRQGRAN51513;
  • Annual Compound Rate 8.69051%;
  • Simple Rate 8.49629%;
  • Issue Price 96.215

368-day maturity, dated 23/11/2015, Discounted Bond;

  • ISIN Code TRSGRANK1513;
  • Annual Compound Rate 8.79774%;
  • Simple Rate 8.80083%;
  • Issue Price 91.850

In contradiction between the Turkish and English versions of this public disclosure, the Turkish version shall prevail. 


Announcement regarding issuance of bank bonds


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