Management Of Direct and Indirect Effects

In 2020,  as Garanti BBVA, we announced our target to reduce our carbon emissions by 29% by 2025 and by 71% by 2035 within the frame of Science-Based Targets methodology in line with the Paris Agreement’s goal to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees, and have been the first company to declare such a target in Türkiye.

By the end of 2020, we reduced emissions from our operations by 75%, and by purchasing carbon credits for the remaining emissions, we became a carbon neutral bank 15 years earlier than the reduction target. In addition to supporting sustainable initiatives with the carbon credits we have used; we also support renewable energy projects by obtaining IREC certification, which proves that the energy we consume is produced from renewable energy sources.

We report our environmental indicators (Greenhouse gas emissions (Scope-1 (Direct), Scope-2 (Energy indirect), Scope-3 (Other indirect)), air quality, energy management, water and wastewater management, waste management, biodiversity impacts) in a periodically comparable manner. This report is available on the Investor Relations website under ESG Analyst Data under the Environmental, Social and Governance heading.

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We have secured a significant reduction in carbon intensity over the years as a result of long-standing efforts in relation to the carbon footprint. Since the introduction of the ISO 14001 Environmental management System in 2012, the our carbon intensity decreased by 96%.

In 2019, we were earned a Platinum Certificate by LEED, one of the green building rating systems developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), for our Zincirlikuyu Head Office Building. As Garanti BBVA, we became the only bank in Türkiye to receive the LEED Platinum Certificate. In addition, our Kızılay Service Building is the only bank building with Platinum certification in the New Buildings category. In addition, our Pendik Technology Campus, Sivas Customer Communication Center and Karşıyaka İzmir Building are LEED Gold Certified.

As Garanti BBVA, we will continue to contribute to both social and environmental benefits by continuing to develop our environmentally sensitive and pioneering activities in the coming years.