Culture and Arts

Cultural issues, such as active participation in cultural life, advancement of individual and collective cultural liberties, preservation of material and immaterial cultural heritage, and promotion and protection of different cultural expressions are the main elements of human development and sustainable growth. 

In order to deploy culture and arts across Turkey, Garanti BBVA has merged  the Platform Garanti BBVA Contemporary Arts Center, the Ottoman Bank Museum and the Garanti BBVA Gallery under a single umbrella; structured them into an autonomous non-profit institiution named SALT which is making contributions to society through its branches SALT Beyoğlu, SALT Galata and SALT Ankara. 

In 2018, 7 exhibitions and numerous public programs were launched at SALT. While 162,210 events had been organized, a total of 334.400 visitors used different SALT venues, free-of-charge. SALT is planning to welcome a total of 2.400.00 visitors until the end of 2019 fiscal year.

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