Community Programs

When determining its strategy for initiating and managing its community programs, Garanti Bank takes into account the social sensibilities, common problems in Turkey and around the world. Considering all these through the lens of its values is an integral part of Garanti’s responsible banking approach.

In Garanti, we strategically prioritize various issues connected to societal needs in line with our stakeholders' expectations from our Bank and in accordance with our Bank's core business lines; and we develop various community programs accordingly.

In this regard, with the motto of adding value to the society, we establish institutions that enhance the vision of society in the fields of quality education, entrepreneurship, culture and arts, and the environment. We also develop projects together with various institutions. We employ internationally accepted measurement and research methods to follow up the social impact of the programs we implement and analyze the effect on the target audiences and on society at large.

In this respect, in 2018, we have invested 20.2 million TL in our projects.

In order to evaluate the value and the social impact of our ongoing projects, in 2016, we conducted a Social Impact Analysis using the Social Return of Investment (SROI)1 methodology. According to the results, SROI values were 3.63 for the Bank's projects on quality education, 2.27 for entrepreneurship and 1.45 for culture and arts.2

 1 Social Return on Investment (SROI): SROI is a method designed to measure the social impact of projects. In the literature, the projects having the SROI value above 1:1 are considered to be successful in terms of social return. In the finance sector, a ratio of 2:1 is viewed as a significant success. 

2 This figure is calculated every two years. Here, the 2017 figures are used.