Code the Future with Garanti

c. Code the Future with Garanti BBVA 

Garanti BBVA focuses on quality education in line with its perspective of contributing to society. In this scope 'Code the Future with Garanti BBVA' project has been carried out since 2016 in collaboration with the Bahçeşehir University. The project is now in its 4th term.    

In our age, digital literacy is considered to be an essential requirement; and Garanti BBVA supports children in developing the such skills for the 21st century. Under the scope of Code the Future with Garanti BBVA, 3rd and 4th grade students are provided the skills necessary for the digital age by means of workshops on robotics, coding, design-centered thinking. In order to help the children to internalize these skills, we as Garanti BBVA prioritize one-on-one education mentorship and provide children with rich educational materials; as such, children discover that there are different ways to solve a problem with the usage of technology and how to turn ideas into reality through algorithmic thinking.

In 2018, the project expanded its impact by delivering its training to teachers as well. Teachers begin with watching online educative videos, then participate in face-to-face training and finally join the Code the Future with Garanti BBVA workshop together with their students. In this process, the teachers acquire the skills which enable them to implement similar practices to Code the Future with Garanti BBVA in the classroom. 

The project 'Code the Future with Garanti BBVA' has reached 750 students and 45 teachers in 17 Turkish provinces until today.