Garanti BBVA Covid - 19 Precautions

Garanti BBVA Covid - 19 Precautions

Garanti BBVA is prioritising the health of its employees and the society and has enhanced the measueres against the Coronavirus pandemic which is affecting our country together with the whole world and which bears the risk of fast spreading. Garanti BBVA is, in addition to the measures indicated by the WHO and the Ministry of Health, implementing a series of new practices starting from today for its employees and its customers in order to minimize the risks for the health of the society without interrupting the banking services.

Garanti BBVA's new practices implemented for the health of its customers:

  • First of all all the infrastructure systems of Garanti BBVA are in good condition to serve without any interruption in order to continue all banking transactions at the headquarters, the regions and branchfunctions.
  • The customers will be recommended to use the digital channels of the bank for their non-cash transactions and from the information channels they will be directed to Garanti BBVA Online Banking and Garanti BBVA Mobile. However all services will be delivered at the branches for those who wish to receive the services at the branch.  
  • The customers who are not already using digital banking channels will be able to get their passwords with their card information and transfer their transactions to the digital platform.
  • The daily withdrawal limit at the ATM will be increased to 5.000 TL until a new assessment is made so that the customers are able to carry out their financial transactions in a faster and easier way.
  • Cash withdrawals will be free of charge at ATM's of other banks as well.
  • Taking into account the risk crowded environments create, any employees who do not need to be physically present in the Garanti BBVA buildings will work from home starting from 17th of March, Tuesday and only the number of employees that is necessary for the services not to be interrupted will be present in the brances.
  • The number of customers receiving services in the branches will be controlled so that the customers are able to keep a distance to one another.
  • In the branches where there are many customers the customers will be allowed inside in turn.

Garanti BBVA is at this point suggesting all customers to stay home and not to go to the branches unless it is very necessary, to prefer contactless payment when they are using a bank card or a credit card and do the ATM transaction with a QR code when they need to withdraw cash.

Practices implemented by Garanti BBVA for the health of its employees:

  • All employees who are in the risk group as defined by the Ministry of Health will be on administrative leave regardless of if they are working at the headquarters, regional directorates or the branches and they will be asked to stay home.
  • Most of the employees who are in locations other than the Garanti BBVA headquarters and the branches will be working from home in the remote access model with the help of the already prepared technological infrastructure.
  • Sufficient health safety materials have been supplied for the employees and necessary instructions have been given for how to use them.
  • All visits to the customers, meetings and activities have been stopped and they will be rearranged based on how the process evolves.
  • It will be made easier for those employees who have children in kindergarten or primary school to take leave in this period during the days when the schools are closed.


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