Announcement regarding Corporate Governance

Announcement regarding Corporate Governance

In accordance with the 11th article of the communiqué published by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey on Corporate Governance, it is resolved by the Bank’s Corporate Governance Committee that;

  • Investor Relations Division’s tasks and functions ,where details are given below, are being performed by Investor Relations Department and Tax Operations Department-Shareholders and Subsidiaries Subdivision.
  • Mr.Aydın Şenel ,whose contact details are stated below, has been identified as ‘Director of Investor Relations Division’ as well as ‘Member of Corporate Governance Committee’
  • Ms.Handan Saygın ,whose contact details are stated below, shall be disclosed to public as ‘Senior Vice President of Investor Relations Department’. Sincerely,

Functions and Tasks of Tax Operations Department-Shareholders and Subsidiaries Subdivision

Managing correspondences between shareholders and the Bank in relation with shares and to ensure that legal records of shares are kept updated and in a safe manner.

Preparing all necessary documents (as required by law) to be submitted to shareholders information prior to the General Meeting of Shareholders and to ensure that General Meeting of Shareholders is being executed as required by law, by Articles of Association and by other internal regulations of the Bank

To ensure that the Bank is compliant with all liabilities and obligations (including Corporate Governance and Public Disclosure obligations) that are emanated from Capital Market Regulations.

Functions and Tasks of Investor Relations Department

Managing relations between foreign/domestic institutional investors/shareholders and the company by consistently and proactively providing information, responding to written and verbal queries,

Managing relations between brokerage houses’ banking sector analysts and the company by consistently and proactively providing information, responding to written and verbal queries,

Within the scope of public disclosure obligations regarding the Depository Receipts trading in international markets, uploading corporate disclosures in English to the relevant platforms,

Managing relations with the international rating agencies, responding to their written and verbal information queries,

Managing all the publishing including printing and web-based processes of the Bank’s annual and interim reports, coordinating the formation of the content to be compliant with the related regulations,

Managing and regularly updating the content of the Investor Relations section of the Bank’s website to cover all the issues emphasized within the Corporate Governance Principles.

Announcement regarding Corporate Governance


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