About the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

About the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

Dear Shareholders,

Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of our Bank regarding the fiscal year 2019 which has been announced to be convened on April 2Nd, 2020 Thursday, at 10:00 o’clock will be performed both in physical and virtual environment in line with the framework of the relative legislation. We intensely suggest our shareholders to prefer to participate to the general assembly in virtual environment without leaving home and without entering into a crowded environment because of the Coronavirus pandemic which is affecting our country together with the entire world and threatening the public health.  

You can reach the guidelines regarding the participation to the General Assembly in virtual environment from our Bank’s internet website, Public Disclosure Platform, Turkish Trade Registry Gazette and from general assembly announcement documents published in Hürriyet and Sabah newspapers dated March 7Th, 2020.

Wishing you healthy days.
T. Garanti Bankası A.Ş.


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