Water Management

Although the most significant risks and opportunities related to water are in the Bank’s loan portfolio (i.e. indirect water foot-print), the Bank is also striving to reduce consumption and improve performance in its offices and branches throughout Turkey. The Bank opted to become the sponsor of CDP Water in Turkey and was one of the first companies to respond to the CDP Water Program in Turkey in 2015. 

Garanti BBVA is also the main sponsor of CDP Turkey, the Turkey office of the world’s most powerful green non-governmental organization. 

Measures aimed at saving water have been implemented at the Bank’s existing service points, as well as its new branches. In this context, Garanti BBVA aims to keep daily water consumption under control through the use of new faucets with a lower flow rate. The Bank also treats and collects the rainwater from the roof of the head office building, using it in landscape irrigation.  Furthermore, mains water is treated and used as drinking water at the head office building, which is not a widespread practice in Turkey where most drinking water is purchased. As a result, the Bank’s initiative at its head office building eliminates use of plastic bottles and the GHG emissions caused by their transport.