Waste Management

The Bank’s Environmental Management System envisages the re-use of waste where possible and, wherever not, recycling or, where this is not appropriate, its disposal by an authorized disposal company. Garanti BBVA’s waste management approach;

  • Re-use: The re-use of waste is the first priority. Computers that are broken or redundant are delivered to Garanti BBVA Technology which examines their potential scope for re-use. Repaired computers are then donated to schools in need if deemed to be usable.
  • Recycling: Beginning with buildings subject to the EMS, the Bank began to deliver recyclable waste to authorized recycling and disposal facilities. Recyclable paper, plastic, metal and glass are delivered to whichever municipality the service point is located in or to a licensed recycling firm, where they are recycled.
  • Management of Hazardous Waste: Hazardous waste that is produced by the Bank is collected in accordance with determined rules and delivered to authorized recycling and disposal facilities.
  • Excavation Waste Excavation: Waste and debris left over during branch openings or renewal is removed to disposal areas as designated by the municipality.