Sustainable Development Goals and Garanti BBVA

Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the United Nations in 2015, guide the business world in terms of contributing to social development by opening important windows of opportunity. The financial services sector should be reshaping market opportunities in line with the society’s needs, to ensure a comprehensive, strong and stable economy for all individuals and to achieve social welfare. Our sustainability vision combined with our ambition of leadership in the banking sector includes activities integrated with the Sustainable Development Goals. While the work we carry out serves a more inclusive, low-carbon and resource efficient economy, it also guides us in broadening our range of products and services and in carrying out leading practices in the sector.

This work includes developing responsible products and services targeting different income groups, investing in the supply chain, contributing to the employees’ welfare and happiness by developing their skills and efficiency, and investing in renewable energy and infrastructure projects. Besides, as a finance provider, the fact that we manage our environmental, social and governance risks and finance our projects in a responsible manner, contributes to our goals of creating sustainable and inclusive economic growth and raising awareness in the sector. Based on our strong belief that educational reforms are an essential pillar of social development, we support quality education our social investment programs. We encourage gender equality both within the organization and the society in general through our programs and products which ensure the empowerment of women and the value we place on people as well as our inclusive and egalitarian human resources policies. We contribute to the supporting of our employees with decent job opportunities to increase the competency of our skilled human resources. We combat against climate change, support the projects aiming to spread responsible consumption and production models, and finance advanced and innovative infrastructure investments. We also offer products to increase the move towards renewable energy resources. We are aware that the cooperation with various sectors enables all these goals to be achieved. We cooperate with peers, suppliers, nongovernmental organizations and governments by our sense of leadership in terms of sustainability and by taking advantage of new opportunities through determining best practices and product samples at a global level.

Sustainable Development Goals supported by Garanti BBVA; by the end of 2022, Garanti BBVA contributed TRY 88 billion. We contribute to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement with our activities, collaborations and actions. The Bank published its first Sustainability Report in 2010, its Sustainability Policy in 2014, and its first Integrated Annual Report in 2017. In our 2022 Integrated Annual Report, we aim to explain in detail how we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals with our practices. As Garanti BBVA, we contribute to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 70 targets.In 2022, the total amount of lobbying activities for sustainable development is TRY 2.5 billion. 59% of the amount was contributed to the lobbying activities and %41 of the amount was contributed to the Trade associations or tax-exempt groups.