Sustainability Policy

The policy statement support Garanti BBVA in effectively defining and addressing material Sustainability risks and opportunities facing the Bank in Turkey.

This Policy Statement, covering the Bank’s business activities in Turkey, has been developed in line with the corporate regulations and legislations, and is entered into effect by a prior approval of the Board of Directors.

Overall Sustainability Vision

Sustainability issues are gaining importance within Turkish society, and are increasingly impacting the banking sector. Garanti BBVA  strongly believes that operating sustainably is a key driver to the long-term success of the Bank, and aims to be the leader in introducing and implementing sustainable banking to Turkey.

Building on the Bank’s Core Values, Garanti BBVA defines Sustainability as a commitment to building a strong and successful business for the future, while minimizing negative environmental and social impacts, and sharing long-term values with its customers, staff, shareholders and the communities it operates in.

Garanti BBVA  aspires to achieve its aim of sustainable banking through technological innovations, managing the environmental footprint of its operations and developing sound environmental and social risk assessment as part of its risk management framework. The Bank also recognizes the importance of an effective organizational structure and strong corporate governance to maintain ongoing development and successfully deliver its sustainability objectives.

Furthermore, Garanti BBVA is aware of the need to collaborate and engage with its peers and suppliers at a global level to identify new opportunities, capture emerging best practices and products and remain a sustainability leader in Turkey.