Learning and Development

Garanti BBVA identifies the requirements in training and development programs by analyzing needs through one-on- one interviews, workshops or surveys conducted within all departments and branches.

Garanti BBVA Training Centre has realized all the development and learning activities that have been designed and planned at the Bank with the vision of training the best human resources of the financial sector and seeing development as continuous investment and development as an investment tool.

The “Faculty Model” the Bank devised in previous years for responding to its employees’ needs and proliferating them professionally and personally was maintained in line with the trends. In 2018, the “Digital” faculty was established.

The Faculty Model is backed with technology-based approaches where one takes responsibility for development in line with career goals, which provide guidance along with various ways for holistic development, support business results, measure learning with reliable standards, and provide feedback on the results.

Employees serving under the new service model received their certificates

In 2018, the Bank concentrated mainly on a project renovating the branch design and service model in order to offer better service to customers, and ensure faster and easier performance of banking transactions.

Over 4,000 employees from all over Turkey went through a comprehensive training program covering classroom sessions and online contents entailing simulations with the goal of  delivering the best experience to customers under the new service model.

Customer Experience was a top priority as it was in previous years

This year, employees across the Bank embraced the principles of “Transparent, Clear, Responsible Banking” in customer experience. Numerous development solutions for customer experience were provided within the scope of compulsory programs.

Development solutions tailored for women employees continued also this year

Training and mentorship initiatives designed specifically for Garanti BBVA help women employees feel comfortable in their leadership roles, act confidently and be influential leaders without restraining their goals.

Employees are supported with Data Transcendence to transform data into value

Focus was placed on new talent development to ensure that the new data warehouse model is embraced and maximum value is derived on data. The aim was to secure contribution of employees to determination of data-based strategies by building on their competencies. Training programs tailored according to various roles focus on business intelligence tools, programming languages, and advanced modeling. The program is intended to create data-focused teams from internal talents and to attract new talents to the organization. “Garanti BBVA Digital Development Solutions” employ various methods including live streaming, games, simulation, online mobile exam/reminder applications, videos, e-library and mobile learning.

Digital Applications are used also in classroom training sessions

In an effort to ensure increased effectiveness and efficiency of classroom training sessions, as well as of digital training, and to provide a richer content, various digital tools are utilized. In many training programs realized in 2018, digital applications were included as part of the design for the purpose of measuring instant learning in the classroom, increasing interaction, and contributing to learning.

In 2018, live streaming and Cyber Classroom training programs totaled 25,000 hours. These streamings and shootings give employees the chance to be informed of and follow up current developments.

In 2018, Garanti BBVA provided approximately 47 hours of training per employee. The ratio of digital training increased by 7 percentage points and reached 34% on the back of digital training solutions realized and developed in 2018. It is intended to increase the weight of digital trainings versus classroom sessions significantly in 2019.

A dedicated Sustainability E-Learning Program was established in 2012, which includes trainings regarding sustainability criteria in the credit appraisal processes, financing solar power projects, carbon pricing, and environmental and social impact management in lending processes. Total duration of trainings provided under the Sustainability E-learning Program between 2012 and 2018 was 12,567 hours.